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Findlay University – Equine Studies Program

Findlay University is located in Findlay, Ohio, and is a four-year nonprofit university. The Riding Educational Program provides students with a variety of options and includes:

· Associate of Arts in Emphasizing Western Horseage / Training

· The Arts Association English with Emphasis on Horseback Training

· Bachelor of Science

· Bachelor of Science in Equine Business Management

The Universities Riding Education Program is designed to provide students with all the vital skills to have a long and successful career they should be in the horse industry with knowledge and experience that are not similar to any other university. The program has twelve members, consisting of professional instructors, judges, exhibitors and breeders, all of whom are actively involved in their particular discipline and have a realistic view of the horse industry. Over the past 30 years, students have been able to live well, as the university offers:

· Horseback riding lessons five days a week

· Professional horses

· Two outstanding horses

· Modern horse breeding techniques

· More more than 400 horses

· Individual Academic Counseling

· Internship

Western Equestrian Studies teaches students the right techniques for showmanship, horse-riding and western pleasures during the first training year. The program then goes on to crash clothes, cut, rewrite and finish recreational horses to the show ring. There are also other areas of Western discipline like Western riding and the trail. Students can teach a variety of different customer relationship skills and how to produce a horse that can easily ride the owners. In addition to the intensive riding section of the program, students become more deeply involved in nutrition, reproduction, business management, criticism and preventive medicine. Various courses are available that cover sales, marketing, promotion, business skills, therapeutic riding and practical physiology.

The English Riding Program focuses on the basic theory of English riding and training, and hunters, and dressage. The students then set up an uninterrupted horse to a level determined by the instructors. Students can also use more top-level lessons to learn more advanced riding and training procedures both on the flat and on the fence. Special topics include sales, marketing, promotion, and business skills.

The Equine Business Management Program combines various horseback training courses with management themes and traditional business management themes and is designed for students who choose a horse industry except for training. Students familiarize themselves with the laws concerning equidae and many other practical aspects, including animal husbandry, reproductive management, disease prevention, and selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment. All Riding Scientists should be strongly encouraged to hire a second large or minor citizen in the horse industry.

All the students of the Riding School can be awarded differently annually for various scholarships. There are also some internships available to students in the hunting industry's experience. There are trainee jobs in academic credits, or students can opt for internships that are taken into zero credit. Practical opportunities for participants in Western riding, English language education or business management.

There are also a number of different student organizations, including the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, the Intercollegiate Dressage Association, the Horse Club, the UF Horsemen American Collegiate Horse Show Association and the Findlay Vaulters University. All these different clubs are available to all students who are interested in horses and the horse industry.

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