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Financial Education 101 – For sovereign wealth and urgent financial preparations

Similar. As a culture and society, we are not very well financially. From time to time, it is important to break all the turmoil and go to the basics of financial literacy and financial security to help our sovereign wealth. You know the old saying, "One dollar does not buy what you do," well, keep in mind this article.

They questioned the question, "How does the value of the dollar affect the declining economy?" And the simple answer to "What can you do?" It is all about PURCHASING POWER. Think about commodities, the simple things that make your life easier. Oil that drives the gas with your car. Food Ingredients for Food-Nourishing Foods. The materials you are wearing are yours and your family.

Now, if you ever had stocks, you finally got a split file, you doubled the number of shares, though each share has only half the purchasing power. For example, if you have 100 shares of $ 100 and that breaks down, you suddenly get $ 200 for $ 50. Same with the value of the dollar or any other boy.

There are basically two reasons for losing value to a dollar currency (also known as the dollar).

  1. The dollar is growing in circulation (except for federal reserve pressure to cover debts from thin areas to other countries) – 1969.
  2. This fiat currency (the United States dollar when it is covered by so many debts, other countries or creditors losing their faith that they will ever repay, stop buying – they think China). The same thing happened with the dollar, as our stock stock was in the stock split in the example above. Whichever offer doubles or the demand is halved and the dollar's value falls by half. Now, when you want to go and fuel your fuel, feed your family or your clothes … the dollar buys just as much as before, so "a dollar does not take what you do." This is an important knowledge base that needs to be kept in mind when planning its financial security, especially on rising sovereign wealth and the planning of financial security for emergencies.

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