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Educational barriers for immigrants in the United States

As rising prosperity across the borders of the United States, immigration every day is a matter that never comes back. This exerts great pressure on the US Border Guard, and the money spent by the government earns money. Most immigrant children and youth cross the border to avoid deadly political violence or natural disasters, to escape civil war or even torture in their country. They even try to overcome their way to American citizenship by setting up barbarians. Immigrant students enter the United States every year and face many problems – emotional, financial and social problems in the "land of abundance".

Evil by Immigrant Youth

Teens face the ultimate difficulty, so they are stuck in two worlds, in a world where they are completely Americans, and not entirely part of their own country. Most of the incoming children do not have formal education in their own country and can not attend school in the United States – because of illegal documents or low English language skills. Despite being enrolled in school, migrant workers are forced to return home because they are unable to use the winter season. This has an impact on the children who had to break their studies for several weeks, which negatively affects their participation.

According to the Urban Institute report, the number of immigrant children grew by 6 to 20 percent three times between 1970 and 2000. With the fast enrollment of immigrant children, the nation's school power is estimated to rise by 30 percent. Immigrant young people, who lack English language skills, have also grown drastically. Many Spanish-speaking children with limited English proficiency, followed by Vietnamese, Cantonese and Korean.

The challenges faced by limited learners in the UK

Although immigrant children are doing well, most of them, especially teenagers, have problems with language skills, culture and social barriers besides their poverty. Kids can not cope with native speakers of English because they do not have time to acquire their learning material and create friendly relationships with native citizens. There are no helping hands from their family, as parents are doing more work or are working hours to end. This will result in several drop-outs.

Younger Immigrants' Limits of Independence with the Family

Children with English language are often viewed as translators for their parents, as parents have limited English language skills with fewer schooling and qualifications. This creates a gap between parents and children where the child is isolated in the new country and has mixed cultural barriers, and parents feel that their children are too American and independent. These delusions can be disrupted if there is some active communication from non-governmental organizations. to educate parents to be able to offer valuable time and support to their children.

Serving Immigrant and LEP Parents

Following the 2001 law, the Federal Children's Needs have further strengthened the bilingual and immigration education program. Many workshops and community centers support immigrant families by introducing programs such as:

– English language secondary language, parenting, computer training, translations and referrals.
– The new bees program demonstrates language learning and co-curriculum and cultural courses.
-Partnership of teachers, the medical team and cultural leadership in society to serve the immigrant community.
– Junior High School program for immigrant students who lack English speaking and who need extra training.

The aforementioned projects focus on targeted migrants, providing them with a foundation, strong and powerful. These projects hopefully will be able to interact with the immigrant children's leading audience, thus creating a safer place to create legal papers through counseling a good immigrant lawyer and through the green card process to get their nationality.

It should be noted here that the Immigration Examination is absolutely required for all immigrants; adjusting the status or accelerating the green card process can only be done if the United States medical immigration test has been completed. This is a compulsory part of the American Immigration Exam.

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