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Education – the responsibility of the parent

We would think foolishly that our education system meets all the expectations of children who enter the fifth or sixth career and leave after thirteen years. Some parents, however, believe that our schools are fully responsible for the education of their children. Parents who believe this can disadvantage their children.

Without question, most children learn at school, but there are many more that kids should learn and learn outside the classroom. In my opinion, the most important lessons learned by the child are taught at home. This means parents have an active role in educating children.

Two important questions arise from this statement. Firstly, why should parents actively participate in educating their children and secondly what can they do to help their children succeed in school? Two very important considerations, but many parents do not recognize the importance of participating in the education of children.

In order to answer the first question why parents have to attend their children's education, simply read the numbers. A classroom teacher and twenty-five or thirty young minds who need to know it can be a very difficult task. The proportion of teachers and students is too high, and despite being difficult to recognize, some students will simply fall into the system's cracks. Parents are a child safety net, but too many people do not recognize this important fact. The greatest resource that any class teacher can use is parents.

The second issue deals with what parents can do to develop their children together with the educational system's efforts. The only simple thing parents need to do to help them learn formal education is to inquire about children's school activities in all respects: academies, lessons, and relationships. This means helping them in their homework and knowing what they are doing in the classroom. This means I'm involved in school sports teams, music, drama, clubs, etc. Finally, this means that we know that your child is interacting with others, and if you need direction, you are there.

One of the most important lessons of life is home teaching. Parents should not be expected to teach a few hours in our school. They have to take responsibility and actively participate in the education of their children. Twenty-five years later, it becomes part of the education system that some students are successful while others are struggling. In many cases the education received in the home is the difference.

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