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Education – Standardized Testing

To improve education, especially in the United States, standardized testing has been launched. But does it really work? This review does not serve to answer the question of whether or not standardized tests work, but both sides of the argument.

The theory behind standard testing is very simple. Each student teaches the same material in each subject to create a standardized test and give each one. This will serve as a good barometer for student development.

Those who support the theory say that standardized tests have nothing to do with accidental or teacher discretion. Each teacher is different, so each teacher has a different teaching style that includes how to create tests for their students. Some teachers have created difficult tests, while other teachers create what they consider to be a very easy test. In this case, how well the student performs these tests would be directly related to the teacher they were given. With standardized testing and each teacher teaching the same material, this variable will be discontinued. So each student teaches the same thing, tests the same thing and therefore can be evaluated the same.

Those who are against standardized testing give the next argument. Teachers may not be all, but none of them are students. To ensure that every child can learn an object at the same speed as another student is unfair. Therefore many schools have many classes that are usually developed, regular and slow. Thus, students can be taught according to their abilities, not according to certain standards. With standardized testing, slower kids have very little chance of success. If they can not keep up with work, there is no way the test time arrives to be able to carry out the test, as it is a good chance that most of the material they have never learned. By forcing teachers to pass through certain units of the course at some point, they have completely lost the goal of learning the lesson. Finally, the slower kids are learning nothing, just passing through and failing to test. This leads to a higher drop-out rate and means more children who are underemployed and unemployed.

Of course, the whole argument on this subject is more complicated than the paragraphs above. Meanwhile, at least standardized testing has won the war. Most school systems have these. Some systems work well and some are not so well. In general, this is the school system of the poorer district, which is weak in standard test scores. Often, the whole classes do not meet the standardized tests that are now needed for a child to graduate from high school. The composition of this problem is not a child who leaves the children for the next grade before he is ready. By the time they are old, the 7th grader's skill level. When the time has come to finalize their final standardized test, they literally have no chance.

As mentioned above, there is currently no solution to solving this problem and it does not respond to whether standardized testing should continue. The only sure thing is that an ever-growing problem will not disappear.

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