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Education is a waste of time

Today's education is a waste of time, money and energy – the time and effort of the student and largely the parents – money.

Let's start by dividing the myth of all teachers and bag chips (now we need to talk about primary and secondary). Teachers not only give too much credit, they get too many mistakes. At present, this step is aimed at increasing student accountability based on the evaluation criteria. What does this crazy jargon mean? Simply, teachers are increasingly responsible for the students. grades. This is my friend, good. Almost as funny as a priest, a priest and a rabbi enters a bar. . . Let me explain.

Teachers have a lot of workloads that even the hardest worker can bend and fold. They must not only draw lessons, attend meetings (teacher, public administration, parent), and have life – if they can fit – they have a workload that works on average 57 hours per week. In addition, they think that working as a teacher is stressful because they have no time to rest. As a teacher, you are responsible for teaching, policing, caring, organizing, coaching, motivation, disciplining, etc. From the beginning of the school to the end, there is little time to relax and most of the time you work with full detection capacity. That is why a great teacher is burning out. You have very little time to retreat and retreat to yourself (like a desk or a cubby cubby). So, besides all this, the teacher is now responsible for persecuting 100 to 200 students to make sure they do homework and learn what they need to learn.

But note that there are other factors that have weakened teachers physically, emotionally and authoritatively. This is the last element I would like to focus on. Students and parents greatly reduced the teacher's strength, which is one of the reasons why three teachers (currently 12 out of 12) of the 5 teachers who are coming in are learning to be a stairway. I have a lawyer who did this.

When he began teaching, a grizzled veteran told him "either give the student's demands or quit." In order to give an example of losing control, a student attended a general assembly. My friend told the student who did not have to settle down. The student questioned him and said, "I do not care if you can call the police, nothing will happen to me. Another classmate of my friend, university graduate, told me he was no longer a high school teacher, because after 13 years, his authority in the classroom nearly disappeared. Add parents who no longer support teachers a lot. Many parents, when their children are of poor quality, blame the teacher for full blame, and the student gets rid of the students.

Teachers are not, not or never seen as the main educators, motivators, and guardians of students or children. Children? What does this word mean naturally? Of course, the parents. Parents should make sure their children do homework and do it well. Get off the sofa and be a teacher!

I have a number of friends who have given home their teaching to their children's home teaching. It is a matter of a number of discussions, but I will mention here to show that the problems of the K-12 school system are so exposed to the parents being involved in their own hands.

It is important that parents not only educate (that is, minimum homework), but other vital issues of concern, cause concern that across the whole of mathematics, science, history and English is beyond everyone soon forgotten. There are a few things that need to be on the list: work ethics, accountability, patience, endurance, respect for castles / authority, cooperation, tolerance for difference, sacrifice, love, humility, and so on. If these things were taught by parents as they should, they are likely to reduce the number of problems in school and society.

Continuing the educational need and change, I would like to propose an academic renewal. This question leaves the complex, and something I understand deeply in my future book, Education is a waste of time, but I want to touch some points.

Let's consider that we forget about 80% of what we read in 24 hours if we do not review it, and even more so if we do not pay attention to it, we know the willingness of better retention, and most importantly, students left behind? Well, according to my eight years of teaching, especially at the junior college level (or as I would like to call it at the mop-up college) and with consistent statistical evidence, less than a third of students enrolling at the college college have enough maths, reading and writing skills. The keyword here is enough. Given that we strive for more math and science specialists to work with the 6 countries that produce students who are more than ready for students, we do not seem to have much hope. Although the demand for students is unfounded due to the small number of existing careers requiring high levels of math skills, the numbers do not sound good.

Taking all these into account, it is important to study our students specially: mathematics, science, history, English, etc. I often deal with the question of asking students to regurgitate in the queue from the first minute to the end of what they have learned in a class the day before I go to my class. Most, if not everyone comes out with a completely empty hand. One of the things we do not teach or inspire our students to pay attention to and acquire skills that help them focus on the key substances and are able to remember it. Where is the class in high school? We are honestly called, and I hope to insist on it. Perhaps I am wrong. Do teachers, parents and administrators even consider the rental fee?

Something else we forgot to do, just as every good marketing has to do, he asks. What happened to our credible, authorized, non-student-left-behinder? The excessively liberal movement of power from the teacher to the students is wasted if we do not ask for the mandate they want? And if they do not know, you can work on it. Many parents, teachers, and administrators will say, "Well, kids, they're not mature enough to know that they're experimenting with the school (that is, K-14) # 39. We often ask and ask '#

On average, 10,000 are on a perfect music track, in many Asian countries where the pitch determines the meaning (ie, one word goes up one thing down to the next ) 1 100 is a perfect tone The main thing Practice If students are early and often think what their life wants and know better than they do, they have to focus on them and not struggle, most of their time in the classes do not care about it, you are not motivated to participate, and in the bottom line, you will waste a lot of time. Consider this within ten years, 70% of college graduates will work in areas that have not been educated (personal ism And considering that many employers now use only a bachelor's degree as a dividing line (a way to dismiss potentially less potential candidates), why do not you get a degree in something to love? Do not waste those four years.

There are a lot of things to do about this topic, such as financial classes, interpersonal skills classes, success classes, and so on, but our 16 system needs to be seriously upgraded and upgraded. Now, before you take too long and lose more time, money and effort. I know this is more idealistic and difficult, if not impossible; however, it is a goal or goal to shoot. There is no other alternative, remembering that it is not perfection, but we have an ambition.

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