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Education – How important is the dormitory?

This is a debate that continues and continues until the world is over. But the truth is that the world is changing constantly, college education is not everything and everything that was in the past. This does not mean that the college is not important. But how important is it? Well, it all depends on what you want to do with your life. We consider some of the factors that determine how important the college is for you.

The first thing a good teacher also acknowledges is that not everyone is fit for college. Some students do not have enough intelligence or grades. This does not mean that they can not be successful in life without having to go to secondary school, which involves the acquisition of a fantastic university.

Let's face it. Many of these worlds are handled by people who work in their hands. Do you think you live your life without having a sink that is so bad that no Liquid Plumber will recover? It happens. In addition, the tubes are old, rusty, and disintegrating. Do this for the job plumbers. Try to imagine a life without you. Well, in case you did not know, the plumber does not have to go to college. A good technical school specializing in such things as, for example, Plumbing and heating, all these are the education that these people need. Schools specialize in the things they need to learn the job. You do not have to take English and chemistry and you do not need them. If you said that if you wanted to be a doctor, well, the dormitory is the least of your worries, because that's just a foretaste of the real work you are doing, a four-year-old medical university. Same if you are planning a lawyer. Then approx. There is a three-year legal school. But what if you want to do something that is between technical and university professions? For example, just say you want to work in a bank like a cashier? Do you really have to go to college? Of course, everything he needed to learn to do a job he just learned in high school. So what will the dormitory do for you? Does it make it easier for you to work? Does it make work easier? Many people disagree here.

The hard college claims that since the competition is so strong that even the simplest jobs, education without a dormitory is not the same as unemployment. The argument that everyone is mind today in the dormitory and not go is simply a litigation. It does not matter if you really need it or not. All you have to do is to have a chance.

Those who are not so hated by university arguments that there are children who do not just belong here and keep them from another four-year livelihood, and on top of an additional $ 100,000 plus their debt is just ridiculous. These kids will find work right away. Even if you work on a shipping department, if you join a good company, you can work right up until you have a nice life.

So who is it and is not it okay? You probably have no right or wrong. Everyone else and every student must decide what is best for him.

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