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Dumped in adulthood, what now?

Image Grads: Better than 4 years ago? Unfortunately, many people respond very "no". The students of college students did not have the skills that would allow them to get decent work. And if that was not bad enough, they flooded a debt that would be albatross around their neck for the next decade.

No prospect for the future is the miracle that many college degrees are lost. It's not like this. Higher education was supposed to be the best investment to secure a solid future. Wondering how they feel cheated?

What's going to happen now? Without adult job opportunities, many people choose to double their education. Go to the town school. Bring it to yourself. But will more education be paid? Or will it simply dig a bad debt? No guarantee. Many graduate degrees are unemployed or underemployed.

The importance and value of college education has been sacred for many years. But things are changing. Keep in mind that getting home was a guaranteed way to create financial security? The rent payment had to pay money in the drain. Then came the house bubble. And we all know how this is how most homeowners came into existence.

Could it be time to ask the dormitory for an open question? As rising fees continue to rise, it appears that you have entered an educational bubble that leaves many mega debts and no chance of ho-hum career. Recent reports show that 53% of the most recent college qualifications are unemployed or work that does not require a university degree. In the US, there are more than 100,000 household staff with a college degree and 16,000 car parks.

Many families would like to have other types of high school education for kids. Perhaps learning to marketable commerce can be learned. There will always be a need for car mechanics, electricians, carpenters, beauticians, make-up artists and other practitioners. These jobs will not disappear and can not be delivered overseas. Or maybe you might consider investing in a small business or franchise. Be an entrepreneur. Continue your culinary skills. Follow your artistic dreams. Or participate in the dormitory as a non-four-year break with beer festivals, drug parties, interlocking and simple courses as the main attraction. But you continue your graduation with the aim of mastering the acquisition of marketable skills.

But what about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeducational education? It's not what the college supposedly said – are you smarter, more cosmopolitan? Ideally, yes. However, in today's world, anyone wishing to be smarter and more savvy does not have to attend the dormitory. The internet can offer you incredibly cheap or free education.

A number of companies, including Coursera and Khan Academy, have lectured by world-class professors. You can learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and strengthen concepts in interactive exercises. Or go online for TED conversations with free short presentations from the smartest people you ever meet.

Even prestigious universities such as Stanford, Yale and MIT offer free courses with the same professors that college students spend thousands of dollars. The catch? You will not get a university loan. But you get education. And you can use the money you were paid to get a degree to start your career and leave your parents. house before the 30th birthday.

There are decisions to be made to people. We do not assume automatically that belonging to dormitory education is the only or best way to create a first-class future for your children. There are many opportunities there. Consider them before making the investment.

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