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Diversity, Multicultural and Global Awareness – Secrets of College Student Success for Global Students

Diversity, multiculturalism and global awareness are a major issue in college and university campuses. International students form a large part of today's college college student body. Therefore, global and multicultural awareness must be embraced, but most American students have never traveled abroad and do not understand other cultures or ethnicities.

The humanitarian worker, the minister, and the professional speakers worldwide traveled to multicultural and global awareness at universities while attending volunteer international language classes for foreign students who would like to learn English

It was easy to undo, let alone I traveled to more than 50 countries and six continents a little bit bored, I only talked to the Americans. Each time I got home from overseas, I turned to the reverse cultural shock and felt homesick. Yet I was at home. Finally, I realized that my heart in the world is home to many of the most wonderful people in the world.

I especially took light in Asia, where two-thirds of the world lives. India and China alone account for two-fifths of the world's population. If, however, an American college student can see a scream from India at college, you can make a mistake that a Muslim does not know the difference culturally. 19659002 I immediately perceived the danger in America's future foreign policy to make full use of "war theater" and quickly and demonize demons and nationalities that we know little about.

Unfortunately, instincts proved to be correct, and our government did exactly that. That is why we are paying for our foreign policy mistakes and we are still trying to clean up the mess but at the same time we try to regain the great trust of the international community. The latter will not be easy because America has seriously offended and alienated the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Nevertheless, Arab, Muslim and Asian students continue to come to America to study our colleges and universities. Here is our ability to build bridges, create multicultural and global awareness and engage in diversity at the university.

I believe that colleges, universities and universities have taken Muslims and Arabs for themselves, and they continue to do so. The challenge continues to be the education and training of Americans who do not have travel experience against other ethnicities and nationalities in the face of stereotypes, misunderstandings, false presumptions, false prejudices, gross prejudices, and creating distortions at the university to create conflicts

we need to invest early in creating a multicultural and globally conscious student body that includes all ethnic groups within the academic family as well as disposing of clear international students and many wonderful ethnic groups among us and devouring and subduing a lawsuit later.

Attracting diversity and multicultural, inclusive attitudes at college campus is serious and you must strive to succeed in your college and university success.

Time diversity has become one of the causes of celebration and divide. The world is getting closer and closer to the recovery of the Internet and modern technology. Our paths cross the world more and more often. Through new breakthroughs and cross-border unrestricted limitations across crossroads of success

We must therefore create a scientific community where global and multicultural awareness is cultivated on campus to cross the battle and passionately start to feel each other as family.

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