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Computers play an important role in school

Computers in the past two decades have been instrumental in making changes in the way we communicate and have information and / or knowledge so much that it is difficult to find a sphere that has not changed the appearance of computers

The teaching system in elementary schools and of course in higher education is an area in which the appearance of computers, along with the growth of the World Wide Web, has led to a complete metamorphosis that the teaching habits through the transfer of knowledge are quickly obsolete by books and the written word. The transformation is so powerful that not only schools provide computer teaching, but also help them in the classroom to support the teaching process. Those of us who are learning children with computers are entertaining and instructive, sorry for not being able to make these beautiful machines available.

A traditional teacher or an older person that books and written words are the last word in teaching. Today's scenes on computer computers even in elementary schools are difficult to imagine for those who have not seen and experienced the change in teaching mode.

PCs and Macs are able to provide information and knowledge to the extent that does not fit into any other source. The computer with Internet access is a fantastic educational tool that the current generation finds lucky.

From school to school, the knowledge is provided by PCs or Macs. Macs may look simpler, but they serve the same purpose as your computer. It depends on how schools are faced with the companies and the content they need as part of the knowledge they want. The Internet is a storage store that is accessible through a simple process and in most cases is unavoidable to circumvent informal books that certainly do not match the content provided by the Web with support from a computer.

To sum up, computers as a means of transferring knowledge in elementary schools, in the hands of a teacher is a reasonable tool.

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