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Character education that teenagers love!

Character education listed in high school curriculum is unlikely to cause excitement in teenagers. After years of teaching high school, I know what I'm talking about. Teenagers seek independence from parents and struggle for adult freedom. Many revolt against the right and wrong performances, so how can they find their beloved teachings?

Character education is awesome for teenagers when they think they are being pushed. As with many other topics, teenagers retreat when we control great moral values. They think they can organize their own values ​​and don't want to help!

The problem is that teenagers are not able to set high moral values. Those who seek to do so always allow their own interests and desires. This is true for people of all ages. We all try to try out fashion standards that make our individual life as simple as possible. We want to create two sets of rules: one for ourselves and one for others.

Look at these examples of what can happen if you change strong character training with personal value arrangements.

· People weaken the concept of sincerity to allow the ghostly room when they don't want to tell the whole truth. They assign values ​​that in certain situations do not find bad in "white lies", "little threads", "tactics" or "polite faces". They are fully expected to be completely honest with others.

· Many people choose to respect some people, wrongly respecting those they don't like. They decide to get respect before they commit. If someone fails in his respect to "seek", he does not respect. Put the shoes on the other foot and demand respect.

· Some people who settle their particular moral values ​​instead of learning instead of character education are struggling for a degree of compassion that is far behind identification with those in need, not willing to sacrifice personal interests to meet the need. Of course, if you need it, you are expected to take care of others – to help.

Character education should not be left to teenagers. own sorting if we expect to become mature adults who live straight. Character education cannot accept teenagers; personal preferences.

"Where can we find character education programs that teenagers love?" you ask.

Character learning of teenage love under their radar with astonishing, clear, hard-fitting information that is gently painted in impressive fiction. The wisdom of passing on high moral values ​​through stories from ancient philosophers is necessary. It uses the same approach that the wise men have been using for centuries and centuries. Uses stories.

Character education based on moral stories of teenage love.

Ancient Moral Stories

Most of us learned moral values ​​from ancient stories. For example:

1. Have you ever heard of "Midas King and Gold Touch"? This story has been used to teach high moral values ​​to young people in ancient Greece. He taught them in a memorable way that greed was bad. Period. Point. It was an ancient educational story.

2nd He probably read, "The Boy who shouted Wolf, didn't he?" It was one of Aesop, a Greek who lived between 620 and 560 BC. Aesop used many stories to teach young people about high moral values. This, of course, taught that honesty is always vital. It was also a kind of educational story that easily learned and made the lesson memorable.

3rd Maybe you read the story of "Good Samaritan". Jesus said that to teach adults and youth alike the importance of practicing compassion and love for all, regardless of who it is. It was also a typical educational story; easy to hear and easy to remember.

Modern Moral Stories

You will say that modern teenagers do not want tales. I know. Remember that I have been teaching high school for years. Teenagers today want stories that know about incredible teens what they can identify. They want hot teen themes. They want excitement, adventure, romance, and everything the entertainment world taught is important.

The character education books are the answer. They must be books that are specifically written to teach high moral values. Books written for these purposes give teenagers a format for teenage love – a fun way.

Targeted written educational books can never reach the low standard of the entertainment world, so as not to lose their own integrity. At the same time, they can grab the teenagers and help them learn high moral values ​​by remembering them.


Educational books of the kind described above have actually become bestsellers in recent years, showing that teenagers love high moral values ​​when presenting the topic in the right way. The ancient teachers showed us the way.

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