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Character education for personal growth for children

Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Samuel Clement Stone to Zig Zigler, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Wayne Dyer, the message of how to live without life without excuse , doubts, fears and the absolute most loud and clear that we all hear for a long time. The Secret Secret Movie, Personal Life Trainer Attack, Wealth Building Warrior Intensive Weekend Retreats, and Self-Help Books, Videos, Web Presentations, and Live Seminars generate approximately $ 15 billion in revenue each year in America alone.

What would the world look like today if we all knew this thing when we were young?

If the growth of $ 15 billion in American adults is not enough proof that this message should be passed on to young people, some statistics may make the message clearer.

o The diagnosis of clinical childhood depression is at an epidemic level

o The highest school dropout rate in all developed countries in America

o Most restrictive beliefs and self-confidence develop before the age of six

o Pessimism is directly related for clinical depression and anxiety and very inherited

o Pharmaceutical companies for pre-antidepressants and pre-emetic drugs

o Increase in severity and intimidation

The WHO warns that Depression will become the world's second largest killer and disability by 2020. It seems obvious to me that the $ 15 billion spent annually in the Americas and personal growth should be directed to make these messages clear to young people in America and worldwide.

There are plenty of "how" to teach us how to model the behavior we want to see in our children. But this is predominantly self-help for growth and requires the parent to confront and release their own restrictive beliefs, doubts, and social programming, and to develop habits that promote happiness and emotional well-being before effectively using this information to help their children.

I believe that our future depends on the happiness of young people, because without them we have no future and we have a duty to help them find them. Our schools do not have typical education, and our children are not given the opportunity to put in the type of intelligence that has nothing to do with scientists. Emotional intelligence is more important for general happiness and satisfaction than analytical intelligence or IQ.

However, information, symbols, and videos are ineffective if most information rarely or ever occurs. Lack of action is the biggest problem most people have to make in changing information to change their lives. In life, any master requires more than knowing what to do; requires one to actually IT! and to recognize and recognize the efforts made. When we experience the feeling that whatever we learn, especially our happiness, we want more and more. We begin to overcome the challenges when we are fully aware that our mistakes and failures are part of the success and learning and growth process.

They are in the midst of the children in absorbing the information and in forming beliefs about themselves and the great world around and around them. When it comes to learning, the kids are at the top of their learning ability and can absorb much more than I think we give them credit. Because of the child's daily endeavor, happiness must be experienced and we wish them a life filled with happiness as parents, giving them the opportunity to learn and experience all the elements of happiness and to acknowledge the unhappiness of what they give them. "Emotional Toolkit" for Life. Helping our children in a small direction, they can have a wonderful, pleasant, engaging and attractive life. We need to know and give them the tools and teach them how to create a "good life" for themselves.

The lack of a stable level of self-esteem is one of the main reasons why people find it difficult, but impossible, to go beyond the most comfortable situation to face their fears and live their fullest and happiest lives. Many children leave low and unstable self-esteem every day at school and at home because they do not know that the expectations themselves are, not the expectations of their parents and their teachers, which are the stage of a wonderful and complete life.

The child must see and feel that their efforts are rewarded and praised for their efforts, not just for their success. Children start to see how they are capable of praising their efforts and commitment, and they can also praise themselves. They feel good about who they are when they meet their own expectations. This is how to achieve a stable level of self-esteem.

It's not about getting the kids to get their own help, because only after we grow up and need help we are actually looking for. For our children, with information worth $ 15 billion a year, what we are looking for as adults, children will not need “self-help” because they already have the information and turn it into wisdom. They buy so many personal growth materials that they buy every year because we have programmed it as an adult for such a long period of time. Skepticism, pessimism, reinforced self-restraining beliefs, fears and doubts have so deeply penetrated our minds over the years that change is becoming more and more difficult.

We can protect the children of the world from the same emotional line by giving them the information and tools they have been studying and sharing for thousands of years, which are now confirmed by science. Kids will probably get faster than most adults you know!

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