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Become famous in the dormitory in 7 days

No matter why you want to become famous in 7 days. The fact is that the people have the power. They can influence and lead. If you are attracted to the students' body, there is not only a trace army, but your social life is also emerging.

The climax of university social hierarchy is that it is good in politics. You need to know how to win people. As a general rule, be friendly and outgoing. Of course you may be scanning it in time and you will have to get to know it right away. The 7-day exchange of the famous university is a whole story.

Nothing attracts attention like debates. If you want to be famous on the campus during the 7-day period, you must assume a radical visionary role.

Sighters have charisma, conviction and passion. These attributes make people follow them. Radicals face settling down and cause confusion in the status quo. In order to be renowned at university for seven days, enormous steps have to be taken. In fact, what I'm telling you might not be a revolution.

But before I get into the details, let me emphasize that I do not suggest it to the site just for the sake of popularity. Choose a reason you are sincerely passionate about and fight for it. Strongly Contributes to This Case And The Side Effects Will Be Announced At The University

If you want to be famous at campus in 7 days, prepare a seven-day campaign for a school book or for charity and make some extras to draw your attention to the question. I remember saying I was extreme and not dangerous.

I have a friend who wants to draw attention to homeless college students in North America. Some students are struggling to pay the tuition fee and can not afford the rent. As an awareness-raising experiment he was very warm in dressing, with some blankets and cushions, and stayed outside the school library for 7 days. When people passed and asked what he was doing, he would tell them. Usually, mobs join the affair overnight.

I have another friend who has been protesting for two days against racism against our campus. She was dressed in all black black and listened for two days. He cautioned that he would receive a letter of recommendation from the school president when he finished.

Not everyone can join a brotherhood or team of experts, but anyone can make a political statement at the university to draw attention. Politics is the fastest way to get fame at college, but it takes finesse and social skills. If seven days become famous, people are waiting for leadership. If you do not have the skills to drive, you will lose the new found power and influence. My blog mentions in detail how to lift to the top of the social circle and what you have to do when you get there. Be sure to check it out!

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