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Automobile University – Advanced Wheelchair Education puts personal development on Cruise Control

How many people know who used the college or advanced degree as an excuse to stop learning? Are you one of them? What prevents saw sharpening? Do not lack time, teaching or patience? Maybe it's easier than you think.

Civil Detention

It was said that commuters in Chicago are enjoying only two seasons in a year: winter and construction. Both result in delays and frustration for every commuter. By summing up the time spent on both sides of our journey, most of them have 1-2 hours a day. If these seasons get worse, it will be even worse. At full commute, we feel lucky to have dinner, family and sleep before the routine is repeated the next day. And then at the workplace, we were constantly questioning to make less of the less. Who has time for personal or professional enrichment?

The off-ramp memory

At the beginning of this year I had some time to sharpen the saws and participated in the Motivational Extravaganza events featuring high-quality performers such as Colin Powell, Tom Hopkins, Lovie Smith and an old Zig Ziglar .

I became a disciple of Zig Ziglar more than twenty years ago when I borrowed from the library, the See You At the Top cassette program. To date, I work with my Zig quotations to work with my clients. And I can confirm that he is. Mr. Ziglar has been younger than 80 years and is still hiking and talking, always with the Red Head, his wife, who has been known for more than 50 years.

He talked to the crowd at Allstate Arena, Zig recalled how we got acquainted when he could boast at Automobile University. I remembered that we met at the AU in the campus figuratively. So I've been myself to support this subtle, underestimated institution and create this short brochure for our continual apple mater …

Automobile University

Automobile University is a higher education institution open to anyone who commits. It offers unlimited opportunities to bring this frustrating downtime to productive use. Although Automobile University does not issue diplomas, with or without a diploma, it provides the opportunity to enrich them without sacrificing valuable work or family life.

The AU Campus: It's easy to hike

AutomobileUniversity ..

  • We allow you to choose your own courses and teachers from among the best in the world who have published audio books. Stephen Covey, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Tony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, Zig, and more.
  • It is possible to skip irrelevant lectures whenever he wants, and even penetrate incompetent professors. Try it at Harvard!
  • If you have trouble understanding a concept or want more understanding and retention, simply start over and repeat it as many times as you want.
  • Easy to enroll. I do not care about the past GPA.
  • We do not have a football team. But this season we have won as many games as Notre Dame.
  • Our song is "On the Road Again". School colors? What is our painting work?
  • You do not need student loans for paying tuition fees.
  • Graduation was greatly disheartened.
  • They may not be able to impress people on a fine paper from a prestigious institution. But you have the opportunity to surpass those who have used a diploma as an excuse to stop proactive learning.


A car with a CD player, MP3, library card, and / or credit card is needed for the learning materials you need.

The AU Course Catalog and Bookstore

  • Find the directory's web site for the desired topics and titles on the CD.
  • Search for audio books.
  • Check out the old trusted source: Nightingale-Conant
  • Visit the local boundaries or Barnes and Noble.

Are you ready to enroll? Congratulations! Welcome to Automobile University in Life Cycle Degrees! Can not you just hear the opening of the AU band on "On the Road Again"? Go to the AU!

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