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Australian university students need better funding

In over 40 years, the Federal Whitlam government has made university education free. This was something many people asked. My argument was that without the skilled professionals this country could not work. As others have thought, we believe that by charging fees we actually have to pay people for higher education.

All departments of government and business require that diplomas and doctors be held in areas related to their place. The need to maintain the graduates' flow must compete with the victims. They often give life styles and other things to do courses.

Our hospitals must be doctors, nurses and scientists. Our cities operate with a list of trained, legal, economical and other subjects. In a growing community that is expanding as fast as Australia, there is no end to the necessary levels.

The next government, which arrived a few months later, quickly replaced university fees and has since been on the slope. The country is now in the position of importing trained people from overseas countries to carry out the work for which Australians are ready for certification because of their costs.

The fees are now extremely high and rising year by year. All in all, the cost of medical training will soon be up to $ 100,000. Books are often too expensive for students to borrow them or lend to them. Add other equipment and costs and be quite significant.

While the government offers student loans, it has now set a deadline for them, which means that repayments may exceed one revenue at the first launch. The question is what politicians expect. Most of the current ones have received free education, or have paid very little in the past, but now it is not only possible for many Australians but also in educational stakes behind the rest of the world.

University students are protesting strongly against demonstrations that will not stop until something better is created. They need better financial support and more government support for their victims. The country would be better if they got it.

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