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Athletic Fellowships – The Hidden Benefits

Most people who write about athletic scholarship focus on negative ones. Unfortunately, besides the financial benefits, few people recognize the other benefits for a full athlete. In this article I would like to point out some of the lesser-known positive aspects of getting a full scholarship.

What is a full-time scholarship?

According to the NCAA's guidelines, full-time scholarships include tuition and prizes, halls, plaques, and related books. In theory, it sounds like it covers everything a person needs to have free access to the university. However, the study by NCPA and Ellen Staurowsky (Professor of Sport Management and President of Ithaca) shows that there is a significant difference between the full-ride scholarship and the actual cost of the college. The NCAA Div. 1 level is just the so-called "head sport" eligible for full scholarships for these sports:

Head-count sport

  • Women's Tennis – 12
  • Women's Tennis – 12
  • Women's Volleyball – 12

Other sports qualify as "Equivalence Sports"; these sports allow a coach to share the scholarships among several players. Say 25 partial substitutes for 12 full scholarships. However, if you are enough, then sport is an equivalent sporting opportunity.

Equivalency Sports


  • Baseball – 11.7 with the following additional limitations: The total limit of 27 players. The requirement that all players receive a total of at least 25% of full-time scholarships in a sports grant
  • Football (DIV 1-AA – 63, with 30 counters per year and 85 full counters
  • tournaments – 6.3 [19659006] Football – 9.9


    Volleyball – 4.5
  • Puska (coeducational, but qualified for men)
  • Horse Ball – 12
  • 19659006] Horseback Riding – 15
  • Horseback Riding – 12
  • Horseback Riding – 12
  • Golf Course – 4.5 for men, for 6 women
  • Hockey – 18, men with a total of 30 counts for both sexes
  • Lacrosse – 12.6 men, 12 women
  • Skiing – 6 , 3 men, 7 women
  • Football – 9.9 men, 14 women [19659006] Swimming and diving – 9.9 for men, 14 for women
  • Water polo – for men for men, for 8 women [19659008] Even though you can not get any kind of athletic scholarship, talk about the benefits you will get if you are one of the lucky people to get it.

    Financial – Even a full-time / college cost gap has previously been discussed to make the most of college spending paid for a good deal. System – One of the hardest corrections a college novel has to face is explaining where they are located, creating new friends from scratch. Athletes, however, have a built-in family as they go to college with their new teammates. Of course, the upper class men will treat them, but they will also pay attention to them and will only give them a support system and immediate status at the campus as a member of the team.

    Period of Graduation – This is probably the biggest plus for college student athletes if you chose your dormitory for timing, it will be much easier than the general student population. You can access the students 'athletes' counselors. It is much more likely that you will receive the classes you need or want because you can already register as a general population and as the coaches want to play at the academy, they will secure the university's expectations. Drop the mandatory teaching room, dedicated trainers and expert pressure to maintain the scientists, the athlete's every effort should be in position to graduate.

    Community Relations – Athletes admire at college and appreciate not only at college, but outside the campus. By strengthening clubs and fan clubs, athletes will be able to establish relationships that will help them in the labor market after the college.

    Experience – College athletes can travel to new places and meet new people. First, they can get to know life. It is certain that these opportunities are offered to other students, but are based on the athlete's program.

    Challenge – Especially in the NCAA Div. 1 level, athletes compete with one of the world's best athletes. To be able to measure the best in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife is always beneficial, but mankind seems to need physical competition and challenges and is not far superior to the professional level. And finally, is the ability to play on a competitive level to play a sport that puts the emphasis on most other athlete's athletes. There are many real and perceived negative aspects of athletic scholarships if you do not think that you are trying to get "athletic scholarships". But if we are lucky enough to offer one and have done the utmost care to check the bidding institution, do not hesitate to accept the offer if it looks good to you or you may miss the best of your life experiences.

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