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Arbonne University – What do you really learn at Arbonne University?

Arbonne University is the online portal used by Arbonne International to train independent consultants. This is a "one in one" place for people who are developing a business to get to know the products, services, compensation, incentives, business history – everything from Arbonne.

As an independent consultant, there are some things you need to understand about Arbonne U:

1. Product Brochure – Their product knowledge series shows you all the details you want to know (and some that you would not have) about the product family. They discuss in detail the external factors in the aging process, the various variables that help aging and how the products deal with these issues. They provide a complete explanation for the different product families, each one for which they are designed and how they fit with their customers.

2nd Company Information – Arbonne U also provides a huge amount of background information for the company. They describe their history as a company and where they are. Very good information for new consultants who do not really know Arbonne.

3rd Marketing and Business Development – The portal also has a tremendous amount of information available to practice a "party design", where advisers are said to throw home parties and practice "warm marketing" for their friends and family members.

This kind of marketing is the fastest way to get 2 business builders and 3 customers in the downlink – but unfortunately, many consultants stop because they do not know other strategies beyond business growth.

The Arbonne University is a great place to start a business – but for long-term growth targeted marketing is a way to get people to reach us and find the type of products and services that you offer. This is a very powerful model for long-term success.

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