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Aligarh – Education City and etiquette

Aligarh mentions the beautiful memories and images of the AMU (Aligarh Muslim University), the famous Aligarh ke taale (dried Aligarh ke taale) and Adab (cultured and sophisticated behavior). It is a fact that Aligarh may find the last styles of the proverbial Muslim style (style and tenderness in manners). Even though famous Lakhanavi is in the neighborhood. AMU, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the XIX. Aligarh, a university founded in the century, still remains the remains of the Mughal culture and the magnificent tahzeebet (sophistication) on the floor.

This is a city with a history of history. In addition to the AMU, the poet of Aligarh. The Urdu poet and text writer Shakeel Badayuni studied at AMU and laid his poetic depth and depth on Aligarh's contagious cultural air and aura.

Akhlaq Poet Muhammad Khan "Shaharyaar" (famous for the Umrao Jaan songs). "Shaharyaar" was the bastard. Dr. Muhammad Habib's great historians and the same respectable son, professors Dr. Irfan Habib were professors of the AMU Historical Department.

There are several legends of Aligarh's flagship industry. The contributor was found in a 1977 article by Manohar Kahaniyaan (Hindi, Mitra Prakashan, Mutthiganj, Allahabad, Delhi Press, in another publication). The article mentions that lock mechanics / decision makers tala arcara) from Saurashtra Surat to Aligarh in the second half of the 18th century. This uncertain article (or perhaps my memory does not correspond to me) did not give up the reason why he left Surat's locks for choosing a remote location like Aligarh. This means that Surat was famous for the locks before Aligarh was dressed up in the cloak-locks city. Truth may be small because there is still a saying in Hindi and Gujarati: Gujarati taale ki mazbooti (the strength and security of Gujarati locks).

AMU has witnessed all sorts of cultural upheaval and misfortune. He saw the best and the worst days. The legendary Abdullah Hall is filled with joyful memories. Cine-goers are still remembering the great song Mere mahboob tujhe meri muhoz out qasam (written by an ex-AMU student: Shakeel Badayuni), which we filmed at Rajendra Kumar in Mere Mahboob (1963). The film was heavily shot at the AMU campus. The movie features AMU's famous Victoria Gate. Muhammad Rafi was so fond of AMU's mood that he said patently: "Kaash ke main yahaan taalib-e-ilm hota" (Wish I was a student here).

Aligarh may not be as good or great as Lucknow from the Mughlai kitchen, Aligarh still has very good and unsigned vegetable delicacies. The famous "paaya soup" and "nihari" are also available with some very good and clean restaurants near AMU.

If you visit the Aligarh, take it to visit the AMU. It is similar to BHU when he goes to Varanasi. The poetry of Gepaldas, Saxena "Neeraj" Aligarh, once wrote, "Iss Aligarh shahar ki baat hai nirali / aaya yahaan fauran iski taareef kar daali" (There is something special about Aligarh) and eloquently praised. [19659002] It belonged to the great ruling poet Saghar Nizami Aligarh. Thus was Qura & # 39; tul-Ain Hyder, who wrote English and Urdu novels.

The atmosphere of the city is filled with tahzeeb and tammaddun (fine etiquette and civilized behavior).

I remember that a gentleman took me to the AMU in his car when I asked him to get in touch with the head of the city. Dr. Aleem Khan was a former student of AMU between 1972 and 1974. Thank you dr. Khan. I still remember your beautiful gesture.

Others have also gained the same soul-joyful and heart-warming experience as they met the peoples of the beautiful city. Aligarh ( Pin Code 202001 ) leaves her indelible imprints on her heart, mind, and consciousness.

You feel like you're visiting him again.

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