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Winnipeg, Manitoba – Winnipeg University

Winnipeg University is a Canadian public secondary education facility located in Manitoba, Winnipeg downtown. The school offers programs primarily in undergraduate programs, although postgraduate programs and further training programs are available. The Winnipeg University was founded in 1938 by the Manitoba College, founded in 1871, founded in 1875, founded by Manitoba College, founded in 1875 and the founding of Wesley College, founded in 1888, for the United University (college). Manitoba University

It became a unique university in 1967 under its current name. Winnipeg University also includes a high school: the University of Winnipeg (University of Winnipeg College College).

The University of Winnipeg in Maclean Magazine at the top ten Canadian high school educational institutions, based on school experiences (full educational experience), was featured in Maclean magazine. The students are represented by the Students Association of Winnipeg University.

The school also has a strong athletic excellence, as both Winnipeg Wesmen University and Wesmen have had great success at national tournaments in basketball, volleyball and other sports.

As one of Winnipeg's two major universities, the Winnipeg University is an excellent educational opportunity for local students, national students and international students. This home is a very diverse student body and there are many events throughout the year that encourage social activity and promote local culture.

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