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Wilt Chamberlain – at Kansas University (KU) next to basketball

Wilt Chamberlain is best known as one of the most important basketball players in sports fans. For those who are less familiar with sports and basketball, they may be familiar with the name of Wilt Chamberlain because of their public life. Many people do not realize that before being the center of basketball's life, the first sport in which Wilt fell in love was on the pitch.

Chamberlain was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he had eight siblings and siblings, both father William William and mother Olivia. In his early childhood in East Pensilvania, Wilt officially declared that his first reaction to the game of basketball was that he considered him "Samiszi". The sport, which the young Wilt Chamberlain was exponentially more passionate on track and track.

Even before the high school maturity, even the madly athletic Wilt Chamberlain had jumped 6 and 6 "at the same time, Wilt also set ridiculously impressive wide jump numbers up to 22 meters. For comparison, almost every high school athlete can not reach 22 feet in a running long jump, Wit claims to have reached this length from a permanent, wide leap position, hoping for big jumping and wide-ranging talents, considering what the crowd knows about his success at the basketball court, but

With long footsteps and robust run style by Chamberlain, a magnificent Mid-Term Runner like a 49-second premium on the 440 yard race (once around the standard track) and two minutes under the 880-yard distance (twice around the standard track) is an exceptional number for a dormitory athlete. Chamberlain was well on track, including running, jumping and throwing. He announced that he had been shot more than 53 meters in his youth.

Chamberlain matured very quickly and developed rapidly. At age 10, the young man was already 6 "high and when he started high school, it was amazing 6 & # 11; 11" Like a 7 "2" college jet basketball at the Kansas University (also known as KU), the 240 pound Chamberlain was able to stand in the air with just flat-legged (non-pointed toes) standing 9 to 6 inches tall.

Wilt loved his first career at Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas. The 7 & amp; 2 "Goliath ran on an 11-second 100-yard rope and throws a shot at 56 feet. competing and excellent in both sprinting and throwing the best events, the jump events were not surprising as the Chamberlain trio jumped more than 50 feet and successfully won the big jumping race of the Big 8 after three years. an extremely rare athlete who can compete on the highest level in the shortest sprints, jumping events, and throwing events.This dynamic collection of talents is so rare that Wilt can be the only person ever to have this unique set.

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