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Why is the Charlotte Mason method good for home school education?

I heard about the method of Charlotte Mason during the early school career of an early school. My daughter was in kindergarten, and most of the mothers at home school used the Charlotte Mason method. I preferred to use a standard curriculum because I was new, nervous, and I was still afraid to ruin my daughter's life.

About a year later, however, we moved to another city. And as luck, our house went to the local elementary school. One day when my daughter was sitting at the kitchen table I went to school studying my studies and suddenly thought – why did I learn exactly at home? I knew that wearing a home at home was much better than for various reasons, but in that perspective I decided to do more than give home schooling at home – something more. Something he did not know about doing best in schools that was just home with me and so I began to get to know more about homeschooling than private or Christian

Charlotte Mason's method was exactly what I was looking for – live books I use textbooks rather than textbooks to help them learn the knowledge of the subject, not just a few facts to remember, and most importantly – the development of the child as a whole – spiritually, intellectually, creatively and physically. I knew right away that Charlotte Mason's method would be perfect for our home school. What is Charlotte Mason's method? The first thing you have to do is get acquainted with the Charlotte Mason methodology. A lot of books can help but Charlotte Mason's original Homeschooling series is the best, though long read (six volumes). You can also get shorter versions or notes from your series if you want a quick reading of your philosophy.

Basically, Charlotte was a British educator who thought that education should involve more than just mentioning facts, examining, training for a job or getting into the appropriate college. According to Charlotte Mason, education was discipline and lifestyle. The purpose of the education was to find out who we are and how we fit into the world of people and the created universe of God. Charlotte Mason believed (and I agree) that children are able to deal with ideas and knowledge. Children are not simply empty cards or empty bags that need to be filled with information that has been pre-filtered by a broker (teacher or bookwriter). Charlotte Mason Education includes the introduction of great and noble ideas from the first hand of living books, non-text books in all school subjects, and art, music and poetry.

However, the Charlotte Mason Method is a very carefully designed method where books are selected based on their value and ideas, and the child receives directional reading and learning in a number of areas. The child is expected not only to read the book, but to read what he has read as a sign of understanding. Younger children will write an oral narrative, while older children describe their narrative. (This is the difference between the prevailing educational methodology that examines whether children can memorize information but do not think they actually understand the information!)

So if you are looking for a home school that is a method that you will do more than just provide education, but you can develop your children's children spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and in many other ways; the Charlotte Mason method can only be yours!

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