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What's wrong with education in America?

Why is education in America as bad as other countries? I'm tired of reading and listening to all the bad things in the American education system. According to the former teacher of mathematics in college and high school, I always found her integration when I read a report on what we are against our children. But are we missing or are there other factors to deal with? Let's look at these.

The educational debate has been rampant for decades and every month we are faced with the proposed solution to our educational problems. These entertainment experts gather on their call and come up with new programs that will correct our misaligned programs. "New Mathematics" is one of the innovative constructions that only confuse a curious educational curriculum.

The truth is that education can never be improved if customers are opposed when they do not see the relationship with reality and when they find no reason why they should learn the fodder. Our children must be self-reliant. They need to show them how to flourish and flourish. Our educational programs show students how to be in the world, and yes, that means showing them how to get rich financially. It is not good to tell them that they need to learn about history and geometry and English literature to get a high school graduate, get into college, and hopefully find a job. This kind of persuasive speech is not crazy and does not motivate our dearest child and surely will not get them into the books and get the A & # 39; s.

As the Napoleon Hill mentioned in the richness of classical thinking and growth, when Carnegie's philosophy was taught to gather wealth in schools, school time could be reduced to half. It should not be forced that education must in any case learn from earning money, and such high ideals as literate and legible are not important; it's just what the good subtitle is, if you do not know the world? – and yes, so in the world means that we are able to earn money and secure your family.

One of the foundations of my teaching philosophy and one of my topics in my writing, writing, and libraries is a quick approach. You do not have to spend a lot of time trying to learn something. Get to the meat and go straight to the jugular. Mathematical methods of my shortcut represent a huge advantage, as they allow maths to be mastered with the minimum investment time. Over time, you can find out how to earn money and how to get financially rich.

After students are solid on the schools and do not be scared of daily routines, old-fashioned feed crumbles their already filled throats, they can approach school and their studies with a much healthier approach. Look at this. Suppose you were a gym fan and you really wanted a great building. He hated the time he had to invest in maintaining his current physics. Let's say someone has offered you a way to maintain that construction with a program that has reached one third of the time. Would you continue your longer, long-lasting program, or would you like to jump again? I think the answer is self-explanatory.

The same is true of American education as well. We must show our children the good abbreviations that lead to academic success, self-esteem, and healthier attitudes to school and learning. If not, then we get only a few old innovative programs that are promising to cure educational problems. Just like resistant bacteria, skilled kids only frustrate any attempts that the "new drug" has to cope with being thrown by administrators and other educational gurus. Instead of propagating new bacterial strains, we do not work with our children before they show up. After all, we do not need more mutations.

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