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University of Minnesota-Crookston – Equestrian Sciences

The University of Minnesota-Crookston is located in Crookston, Minnesota. This university offers BS and Associates degree in hunting science. The UMC focuses on the management and business aspects of the horse industry. Students will need balanced training in all areas of the horse's area, including day care, nutrition, health, physical activity and training, business and management. The program students are familiar with the theoretical and practical knowledge of nutrition, health, physiology and reproduction as well as knowledge of ownership responsibility. They are well acquainted with management theories and are prepared to use various software and marketing strategies for the stock market industry. In addition to managerial skills, graduates also have highly advanced riding skills and are able to land with all sorts of temperaments and conformations of horses. This gives the graduates the greatest opportunity to deal in any field of the horses industry. Some of the various available paths include:

· Bloodstock Management and Sales

· Breed Associate Specialist / Administrator

· Buyer or Pediatric Appraiser

· Drug and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Management and Sales

· Equine Appraiser

· Equine Nutrition and Feed Sales

· Equine Industry Journalist

· Equine Reproduction Specialist

· Equitation or Equestrian Instructor

· Equestrian Coach or Youth Worker

· Extension Educator [19659002] · Host

· Horse Racing

· Horse Racing Manager

· Equestrian Representative

· Horseback Rider

· Horse Farm Ranch Manager

· Professional Marketing or Advertising

· Stabile Manager

· Stud Farm Manager or Assistant

· Therapeutic Horseman

In the horses' program r var sztvevő students from the 40 horses that are permanent fastenings UMC barn. Students will take care of these horses to gain practical experience in teaching, riding, nursing, breeding, and displaying different breeds. Students are not assigned to a particular horse unless they are in training or class, but students are riding and working with different horses to be able to gain experience in dealing with different temperaments and conformation horses. With the use of horses by universities, all students spend a portable computer that will be used on a daily basis along with the relevant software that the course requires. This makes graduates very satisfied after, because there are many different horse skills and many technological abilities that graduates from other schools will not have.

The university teaching and information center is located at the northern end of the UMC campus and has many great features that are:

· Training Offices

· Interactive TV Bedroom and Networked Classrooms

· Science Lab

· 90 x 120 ft heated indoor arena for 205 people accommodated

· 45 stalls with automatic irrigation

· Western hunting, general and saddle gear and grip

· Bathroom

· Washing floor

· Laundry Room

· Wardrobe Room

· Round Pen

· Stargazers for Exit

· Space Room

· Horse Box

Breeding Phantom and Flocks

· Wagons and Straps

they can attend a number of schools at a horse club. The IHSA rider team participates in section 3 of the IHSA 9, 3 regions. Members can participate in a variety of exhibitions at Western or English events. Students can join the Horsemans Alliance. The Horsemans Alliance aims to provide the community with information on the science of horses, to compete in dormitories for horseback riding, to assist students in horse riding, to visit businesses in the equity industry and to engage in social activities for its members.

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