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Top ranked universities in Germany

The University of Munich is the best university in Germany, according to the Academic Ranking of Universes (ARWU). ARWU is published by the Jiao Tong University Institute of Higher Education in Shanghai and uses a number of academic or research performance indicators to rank the ranking, including highly referenced researchers, articles indexed in key citation indices, and Nobel Prize winning staff .

There are twenty-nine German universities in the universities of Word Top-500 (2008). Top-5 Universities in Germany: 1. The University of Munich (55th in the world); 2. Munich University of Technology (57th place); 3. University of Heidelberg (67); 4. University of Gottingen (90); and 5. University of Freiburg (96). The University of Munich has been the best university in Germany since 2005.

Compared to other OECD countries, the average density of higher education institutions in Germany is 0.5 in 1 million in Germany and 0.4 in all OECD countries. .

The University of Munich or the Ludwig-Maximillians Universit√§t M√ľnich (LMU) is a state university founded in 1472 (Papal concession). It's a big university with 44,405 students (63% women). International students represent 15% of the student population and the university is a member of German universities of excellence.

The university is located in the beautiful city of Munich, in southern Germany. It is a city with a large museum, a dynamic economy and a high quality of life. Learn more at the University of Munich.

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