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Top Psychology Graduate Schools – University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan University boasts one of the nation's largest psychological research departments. Currently, this university has the 3rd place in higher Ph.D.'s psychology programs according to United States News and World Reports ranking, by school faculty, research and the quality of listening students. In Michigan, students get career opportunities both in the university and in the applied environment – in dormitories and universities, government agencies, research organizations and clinics. There are 6 different areas of psychology where Ph.D. including:

* biopsies

* Clinical Psychology

* Knowledge and Cognitive Neurology

* Developing Psychology

* Personality and social contexts

* Social Psychology

In addition, there are a number of joint study programs that put double emphasis on different areas:

* Social Work and Psychology

* Education and Psychology

* Women's Studies and Psychology

On the University of Michigan website there are several goals that indicate the quality of a diploma acquisition. The general objectives of the Michigan Michigan psychology doctoral programs are as follows: 1) general knowledge of the broad subject of psychology; 2) the acquisition of a specialty; 3) efficiently organize, interpret and communicate effectively; 4) the competence of research skills and creative work; and 5) professional skills related to their field of expertise. Widespread skills enable graduates to work in different fields and develop their own research program in co-operation with faculty teachers and, in some cases, with the university.

What can we do to prepare ourselves for the Michigan School School?

For access to Michigan's school, of course, there is a need for an excellent academic continuation, an official transcript, and effective testimonials. There are a number of helpful tips on the Department of Psychology's website. More specifically, these tips suggest that they start preparing for the grad school at least in the start-up school (although these are not hard and fast rules as many students work for a few years before entering the city): [19659002] * Wide range university background in natural, physical and social sciences

* Experimental Psychology Courses (or Research Methods)

* Statistics Courses

* Experience in the field, in laboratory and / or research assistants

* University Research Project Plus

Michigan-Ann Arbor University is competitive for postgraduate studies. The average overall GPA for students enrolled is approximately 3.82. Although the number of students enrolled changes from year to year, usually less than 5% of applicants receive an acceptance letter. In the field of Clinical Psychology alone 300 applications were received for the autumn 2009 recruitment cycle. Only 6 students participated.

Students who are enrolled are generally well aware of the importance of the department's selection committees. Paying is great not only for the best postgraduate training in psychology but also for financial support. Currently, Michigan accepts programs with a 5-year, fully funded package. This includes research assistants, appointment and monthly subsistence. So you literally pay to do your homework on what you take to be the highest ranking psychology Ph.D. programs.

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