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Top 5 Strange University Degree

In recent years, investment and government incentives for young people to continue their studies have meant that universities and colleges across the globe have begun offering broder many undergraduate and master courses. Although enrollment data is higher than ever, it is good to say that we have seen some very strange training courses. Here are the top five.

5th The Ministry of Sport is offered by the Campbell University of Theology of Kentucky. The undergraduate course offers prospective students the opportunity to mainstream the topics that include contact, testimony, and extraordinary preparation to teach sport in the Christian environment and in the eyes of God. They also require that students have to complete 18 hours of basic Christian studies.

4th At the other end of the spectrum of digital games, MA is available at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. The course focuses on the changing form and content of the game as well as the theoretical concepts of the theories of the toy theory and the cultural and social issues affecting video games. The university states: "We really believe that digital games are one of the most significant cultural forms of today."

3rd Tae Kwon Do is also a master's degree program. At the Kyung Hee University in South Korea, the course offers the physical, theoretical and spiritual knowledge of the subject so that MA graduates become missionaries of the art form. The course sees many enrollments among international students.

2nd The Mississippi State University of the United States has graduated from the Floral Management program. Of course, graduates do not intend to go to the local Interflora. Instead, virtual publishing artists, special event designers and florists will become proficient in horticulture, planning, maintenance and business activities.

first But despite recent recent lessons, the Australian Ufology philosophy, obtained by Martin Plowman from Melbourne, Australia. Cultural and communication students specializing in the cultural history of UFOs and the philosophies who claim to have been kidnapped, even though they are skeptical. PhDs are awarded with a significant contribution to a new field, and Plowman has collected a new book.

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