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Today's Education

What is Education? Education is the process of acquiring new skills, knowledge and values. Education begins when we are still an infant in our mother's womb. Education never ends; they all follow us up to our last breath. Through education we become a better person.

Teachers have teaching. They are able to read reading, writing, history, science and mathematics. Lessons are taught in English or Malay in most educational establishments

There are 4 general types of education:

1. Elementary School. Also known as primary school. 5-7 year studies starting at age 5 or 6; countries. In some countries, this level of education is further divided into infant schools and junior schools

. Secondary education. Also known as High School. Consists of 5-6 years of studies; starting with 13 or 14 years of age.

3rd Higher education. Also called tertiary education. Further level after completion of secondary education, for obtaining certificates, diplomas and degrees. Students are continuing their studies at various colleges and universities around the world, although some are happening locally. In some institutions, students receive real time training in selected companies.

4th Adult education. Adult workers may continue their studies after completing higher education. Students can use online education; the most common choice is education, as students do not have to attend classes, but can all do it over the internet. Classes Practically Made

Teachers can not teach today, however. Not all, only a few. For example, teachers who teach math in a particular language may not be able to teach the subject in another language. This can cause some teachers to be burdened.

Not only are some educational institutions lacking the curriculum and equipment, including the right directory. Therefore, some students have difficulty in displaying the situation or the object. And the teacher can raise the same problem. So how do students show greater interest in learning? The Ministry of Education, teachers and students should strive to create ideas for the development of the current education system. Do you agree?

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