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To catch up with education reform

Reform of public education has recently been informed by both the No Child Left Behind Act, the Core Curriculum mandate and the standardization of tests that our policy makers have repeatedly attacked their education. All they've done is aiming for an educational system that will continue to fall on our youth. From the mainstream Republican position they made during the issuance of these mandates, which literally stalled from the public entrance to the false attempts to reform the education. This is nothing more than political ability. As far as these mandates are concerned, continuing to tackle the real problems inherent in education in the country continues. If education is operated as an enterprise, today it would mean much greater accountability and structure in public schools. But, like everything else the most special government officials did, tax dollars were thrown down in the sink. Meanwhile, young people today are much worse than educational standards compared to the rest of the world.

Someone once said that teachers alone can not change the circumstances in our schools. The only way to regain the supreme supremacy of the 1950s and early 1960s is behind the revolution. When we look at the American landscape today, we see that the US is really shattered. In one hand, there are the wealthiest who direct too strong politicians. Self-serving bureaucrats continue to ignore the obvious anxiety that is exacerbated by the American continent. Then there is the majority of the population, the crowds who are desperate to participate in somehow something will be better soon. In the meantime, our young people and future generations of Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of failed educational mandates and initiatives by a political system that by its very nature does not provide what is really necessary to reverse the intervention of the years in education policies for decades in the 1960s at the end of the year.

One of the most important components of education reform, where students will succeed in each grade, always ignores the bureaucrats of the highest. When we really look at America, we find that they have as many children as Bob and Jane Smith. The brother and sister are both the sixth grade at Roosevelt Elementary. Typical kids, but their teachers did not know until their parents lost their home. Smithet was laid off and the bank ruled out. More than a year ago, Smiths had to live in a two-bedroom apartment in a not very nice area. And with a single income, a minimum wage job at Walmart many nights, Bob and Jane do not get burns, not to mention the right vitamins and nutrition they both need during the day. When we really stop thinking about what actually happens in the whole country today, we can not think that more than a third of school children are literally starving. The fact that nutrition is actually playing the most important role in the child's growth and development. But it is so disconcerting that these policy makers do not take into account that food, nutrition, vitamins and minerals are not only essential to physical development and health, but to all people for mental growth and mental health.

When schools are judged today only on test scores, the prevailing statement is that poverty should never go away because poor school outcomes remain the status of policy-makers. And as long as the test results are odd, policy makers still do not care if pants are bare, parents are unemployed or even worse in jail, and the gap between the rich and the poor is even more terrible than it was in 1929. Currently, society has growing inequality where few of the richest people are aware of, too blind to notice it and simply forget about the harsh reality that faces millions of children in everyday life.

The food insecurity of our nation's youth continues to underline these nations in their competitiveness in an ever-growing global economy. But this is not the only factor that eliminates these nations in highlighting education. When the common core curriculum was implemented in many states, the basic elements of basic and secondary education were over 100 years ago. This is, regardless of the fact that all new technology integrated into the school system continues to have adverse effects on the generations of our young people. Consider, for example, cursive writing. It is now obsolete in the minds of many school boards. Rational is why they spend time learning penmanship, where today all you need is a computer keyboard. Formatting time can be used for useful topics that are even more relevant today. As many people recall, this is the right to passage for generations that learn to write. Signing your name is just one of the most useful tools we use today as an adult.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the educational reform that is already ahead of the peoples' youth. When a person goes to Anytown, USA, he goes to every kind of public school, many baby boys are quite surprised at what's happening in our schools. All you have to do is read the latest record to find out that another schoolgirl was actually being put to death. This country has never been so faced with so many social crises that allow state schools to have such a refuge. A moral crisis has taken over many parts of the country. Indeed, he underlines that our public education reforms and counting have made our public education system regularly on the bottom of the pile in other developed countries in the world.

In primary and secondary school education, it is essential that physical education is as important as mathematics or science. An excellent example is a private school operating in the New York State, which requires the strictest physical activity the first 3 hours a day. With this, all of them have exceptionally been excelled in basic curriculum studies such as science and mathematics. The benefits of physical training, regardless of whether they are competitive or not, clearly show the enormous improvement of the academies. In order for school systems to prevent or eliminate physical education, it obviously brings the nations not only because of health risks, but also undermines the stability and security of nations. There are often budget constraints that play an external role in eliminating physical training. But reality is the tough frosty fact that the peoples' youth obesity rates are among the highest in the world, and inevitably, the health risks associated with all obesity rates represent an additional cost as if we were to give the Physical Ed. to start with.

With the release of many technologies, especially the handheld personal computer, it really took the tool as young people are taught today. The day when the students had to stand on the old cretaceous table were to go to a number of elementary schools in the country, and they would deal with mathematics or other topics. Where interaction between students and teachers was actually encouraged. What we are witnessing today is the only interaction with a very interpersonal relationship. One can understand the importance of self-confidence when students first come from fearing facing contemporaries by solving a problem on the board. This is no longer the case.

Today, too many of our youths are identified with ADT, with other known attention-deficit abnormalities. Possible reason, nutrition, genetics, and many think their environment contributes to the cause. What is the reason is that we have too many young people in this category and too many prescribe prescription drugs, such as Ritalin. These drugs do nothing to cure or guide hyperactivity to positive constructive aspirations. From a personal point of view, more than fifty-five years ago when my father took over and made a journey that transformed my life. In the 1950s ADT did not have a known diagnosis, all my dad knew I was a very hyperactive child, I was always in trouble. Sometimes I caught him and I was a boy when the physical punishment came with a hard punch at the bottom. But most of the time they managed to escape. My parents knew I was the fastest kid in the block. No one could catch it. One afternoon he thought it all changed when my dad came home from work. One afternoon, watching cartoons on the little TV when my dad dropped out and said, "I have a present for us." Then he handed me a small packed box. After calmly opening the box to my astonishment, it was a small stopper. From that moment on, I knew my life was going in a new direction. That afternoon my dad took me to the old high school where he led 440, half a mile and mile. First I did not accept it, but the gradual success of the track and the cross-country not only succeeded in school but got into a major university.

A lifelong long-term pursuit of success and a successful desire to solve my father's influence, help and encouragement. Today, most of the young people are not as strong as I am. This is a sad explanation for our age that too many elementary children come from single parent homes. It now affects the entire spectrum of factors that have not appeared in the 1950s. What is happening today is really a sort of obesity tension, a silent force that passes through the moral fiber, the unbreakable failure of morality, freedom and justice. The world, which was young in our youth, is no longer anymore. We are now confronted with the implications of our actions and the interactions we have made in the name of liberalization of society in public education throughout the country.

There is another factor that has occurred in school systems over the years. He recently visited one of the state schools in Tampa Bay so that he could only look at the first hand of what he would become a student today. The first impressions are said to be a thousand words. Well, in that case, my first impression was completely prepared for what my eyes actually saw. Entry is no small task. Nowadays, you need to urge a buzz and the name of the state and the reasons for your visit. It will help the forehead of the hand to make things even more smooth. Fortunately, this visit at the time of entry did not have metal detectors that, as I understand it, are the norms of many other schools across the country. Now, when I approach the main corridor that a teacher or teachers helped through the labyrinth of whimsically dressed young girls, and calmed down the huge, bent boys' mob phones, I could not tell the difference between the students or my escort,. It is well-known that more than 40% of students today are doing a great deal of damage if they attempt to deceive their exams when they have access to personal mobile phones in the classroom. If you are a secondary or even elementary school graduate, consider the percentage of students who are cheating on college. It is a very disturbing fact that has a very damaging effect on business and our entire economy.

Finally he reached the main office, where there was a bundle of paper on a small table in a corner, outlining the elements that every student would have to keep. Everything in the backpack was full of elements like the calculator. Oh, that's really amazing. So much for the arithmetic tables that one needs to learn. Then comes the manual disinfectant for the disease-conscious society. Do not go away, let's forget to use soap and water. It may be that budget cuts, especially in public schools, soap is a luxury that is now priceless. All the backpacks that have so-called essential elements and actual textbooks. I have a feeling that this generation will have a lot of back problems as it gets older. Perhaps because one of the programs that helps more than anything else is physical education. Right now, the first programs that go under the cams when the budgets are cut off. Like many such cases today. One of the most confusing tendencies in today's public schools is really too many administrators. But we have to cut physical education, the arts, the recognition of music, and all other so-called indispensable programs that would otherwise contribute to a comprehensive educational experience.

Now, when someone goes to school, it is more obvious than ever when we come to the conviction that somehow our own society is also responsible for public education for the failure of these nations. Wonder that our youth is more respectful than others. Two of the four chief commanders, who are based on education and morality, both are in the hands of their own. Morality today, but it is practically not. It is certain that there are remains where the moral truths of the past generations are true, but most of the time most of the students are almost unfortunately absent from virtually all public schools in the country.

Thanks to the wide variety of displays, the melody sets the wrong or missing sound. Immoral societies too often fall, where, as a society that permeates and exerts basic moral values, it raises and flourishes. The moral values ​​of society may well have disappeared after all the political rhetoric was created by the creation of another great society. This is where and why our school systems need to reform and restore the codes of etiquettes and dresses in every school. This would be a long way to making moral values ​​young and professionalism that our teachers need to show.

When examining other higher education systems such as Japan and Sweden, professionalism and morality show that these countries are kept at the forefront of education and, consequently, their entire economy is booming. See the period between 1952 and 1968. The US economy has never reached the peak and has never reached it. When morality and education are improved, every economy. This is how to rebuild our nation.

Not only is our entire education system re-programmed that more harm than good today is constantly being exposed to cultural stimulation, the practical effects of which do not please you, but basically encourage more amoral cultures. The continued escalation of youth violence, whether there is a gang, other issues that result from a lack of parental influence, or as our society has changed over the last few decades, all have had an impact on the generation of youth and freedom speech. The US constitution guarantees freedom of speech. This right is responsible. What we say is having a direct impact on the actions of others. A particular case; Federal Communications Standards on television, radio, recordings, journals, etc. Now, studies and statistics show that there is a direct link between rising youth violence and the relaxation of acceptable norms in public communication forms.

Our youth is very impressive and can not fully handle today's freedom of expression. A good example in the book of "The Creator of the Creatures". Education is the best approach, but together, education comes with its own natural maturity that comes through the aging process through infants through young adults. Each stage of aging has its own physical, mental and emotional progression. If we move from adolescence to young adults through natural aging, these individuals will not be equipped with every aspect to handle the responsibilities they are forced to for their life cycle.

Today's youth are constantly exposed to thoughts, situations and material elements that are not yet physically, physically, emotionally and socially effective. This causes great damage not only to themselves, but also to society. What should we do to restore the norms of behavior and speech, In the middle of the middle of the century. The reconstruction of ethical standards is essential for our society to continue. What happens when a society returns to itself and to the amazing neglect of others, the destruction of freedom everywhere.

When we talk about educational reform, we are responsible for young people to trust in ideas and principles, as well as moral ethics, which have been the foundation of the whole society over 200 years ago. Combined with technology combining passion for arts, athletics and academics, it is essential for the flourishing and flowering of a balanced society. This is the educational reform. This requires a complete conceptual approach. We are getting financial security from food security. The food security of the peoples' youth is a bigger economic opportunity for our future. And this is the only way to reach this process by passing and implementing the Ten Forms of National Economic Reforms.

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