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Think about the degree of culinary arts?

Popular television shows and growing interest in fine cuisine in culinary arts have enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years. Whatever your interest in pasta and baking or in exotic cuisine, proper training is the first step to becoming a culinary expert. The Arts Institutes have a long history of producing one of the most talented people in the world, and their culinary programs are no different, one of the most well-prepared chefs in the Alumni list.

Artistic Institutes Gastronomic Programs
The Arts Institutes offer two different gastronomic programs designed to help culinary specialists seek to achieve their goals. Each program aims at culinary arts and culinary specialties that guide the student along their chosen career.

o Culinary Arts – The International Culinary Schools of Art Institutes provide much more to students than traditional cooking schools. Beside the cooking, the menu preparation and the food, the world-class instructors of the Art Institute offer students a real experience that is successful in fast-paced and competitive gastronomy.
o Culinary Management – Many students like food but are more interested in the business side of the gastronomy industry. Therefore, the International Culinary Schools of Art Institutes offer a comprehensive program of Culinary Management. During the course you will cover aspects of business such as inventory control, budgeting, marketing and employee relationships.

Venues of Arts Institutions
If you are interested in the Culinary Arts degree, the Arts Institutes provide you with a solid foundation for building your culinary career. And you can reach your dreams in the United States in more than 30 places. This allows you to study culinary arts as close to or away from your home as you like. Some of the Arts Institute's locations include: Chicago
o Atlanta
or Los Angeles
o Seattle
o Washington, DC
o Las Vegas

And Artistic Institutions are also offering online programs, designed to meet the needs of students whose current timetable could not leave the traditional university setting.

The Art Institute is the collection of culinary art with state-of-the-art facilities and world-class instructors. After graduation, the Arts Institutes will continue to help you on the road to success. Through a network of schools, you can access a Career Service program across the country, which connects you with employers across the country, and provides you with a final step in realizing the dream of culinary success.

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