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When I first heard one of the most important business speeches in America – Brian Tracy, the term "university on wheels", did not sink it until I thought about it deeply.

It refers to the tremendous value that we can listen to professional audio books every morning.

You see most people "wasting" 2 or more hours every day when they're working. During this time, they will do everything they can to think about themselves (leaving their minds empty) all the way to getting to work.

Some of the people who work on the radio listen to the music.

Now … here's a nice, yet frightening fact – Do you know that listening to the right professional soundtracks every morning as it is forced to work is equivalent to a full-time training in a few years?


I know maybe that does not make sense, but stay with me while trying to explain why I said that.

For some university degree programs, students spend more than 10 hours a week on lectures. After a few years they get their diploma.

And what do they do during this 10 o'clock every week? You found it – they listen to the performers!

You can get exactly the same value if you only hear the correct audio books or learn about the knowledgeable field.

I know that none of the universities will be awarded a degree after finishing the selected audio books, but that new knowledge would have been enriched.

There are professional audiobooks that pass examinations after completing our training programs … and give you a certificate to pass the course.

Many of these certificates can be used in certain places to provide evidence of their experience in that area.

In that case, why would you continue to spend valuable time in your daily commuting when you "kill two kittens with a stone" using the same lessons to learn new skills, new business ideas, etc.

To get started, ask yourself what new skills or expertise you want to learn. If you are sure about your answer, skip online and find the specific volume sequence.

You are sure to find valuable information on the Internet in this regard to start the "university wheel" program.

The fact that audio books come in both CD, tape and download formats will give you the choice. If you have a CD player in your car or cassette, you can choose.

Even if you're not working at the workplace, but working on the bus, you can easily get a portable CD, cassette or mp3 player and still have access to the "university wheel" program.

Who knows … if you take the time to go through, you are an expert in this area at a time?

No matter, thanks to the appearance of audio books.

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