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The strength of education

Power comes in different forms. A person who displays and uses physical properties can be considered strong. Someone who shows peace of mind at times of stress or trouble can be emotionally strong. An individual with an intellectual superiority above the average can be considered to be mentally strong. Educational power, though not widely recognized, is a life-giving light that can help those who develop it. Quality education can build the kind of life you can build on. Its foundation is strengthened by the strength of knowledge, the pillars of wisdom, and its structure is consolidated with the cement of trust. Without the wind, luck and circumstances can flow through its existence like a hurricane in the chalet.

Reading today's accounts leaves the readers to face the challenges of schools who are shaking their heads and thinking about why they disturb you? Poverty, classroom size, family problems, technological failure, harassment – physically and online, student attitudes, student health – obesity on an epidemic level, parental underdevelopment or excessive participation, funding … together no wonder that such a dark and negative picture appears

Education is the basis of our future

The truth is that we have to be careful because our future depends on it. The strength of education is prolonged and forms the basis for understanding and managing critical problems of the 21st century in Hungary and the world. Contrary to the pessimistic headings from the critics of public education, success stories in schools are struggling to combat everyday challenges and everyday obstacles to everyday learning.

Education, especially in our public education system, is bad, and some say dishonest, rap. The highlight of the negative unfortunately makes the news more common than the positive stories that occur daily in the nationwide classrooms. Teachers work intensively every day to build academically strong students who will be able to apply this strength throughout life.

Students in all areas of life receive a quality education that makes a profound difference in their lives and communities. The discovery of the three R's and the connection and meaning of the outside of the school's walls creates a power that is only the possibility of literacy.

Educational power is the driving force for the birth of ideas and opportunities that are essential to address the most serious problems in the United States and the planet as a whole. Discovery of sustainable solutions to current and future concerns can only be achieved through continuous public education development and engagement in interactive education, committed learning and quality education More than ever, social issues affecting our students and seeking a sensible and productive life. Poverty continues to play an important role in academic failure. In the United States, children under the age of 18 are 41 percent low-income and nearly 19 percent – one in five – live in poverty and poverty

Such statistics are sobering and unavoidable factors in the near future, the "disadvantaged to achieve the ultimate change in the continuous tendency of the company. However, through education we find knowledge and hope comes through knowledge. I hope for the future and hope for a better life. We Find Power

"I did what I knew how to do it. Now that I know better, I'm better." – Maya Angelou

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