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The refusal or delay tactics of special education can be successfully overcome

Does your child with autism need an ABA treatment? Do the special education staff delay the decision or refuse all the necessary educational services? This article discusses how to successfully overcome the refusal or delay tactics of school staff.

Many research studies have shown the importance of early intervention for children with disabilities. But if it takes time for special educational staff to provide the child with the necessary education and related services, the child's life is adversely affected.

Here are some ways to stop the denial or delay tactics. school staff:

1. School staff should be accounted for by IDEA time limits. Get to know the timeline because the many delays that some school staff try to get rid of are because parents do not understand the timelines or make special educational staff for the timelines. After getting to know the timelines, write a letter to the school staff telling them that you know what the timeline is and keep them for the timelines.

Some things are not in the timelines. I usually use these for 14 days. For example: I would like to receive a written reply to my letter. I look forward to receiving it within 14 days. On the 15th day I rewrite and give them a shorter time frame for 5 days. If you refuse to reply in writing to my letter, I will request a state complaint. Your complaint would be that the school district would prevent you from being an equal participant in the child's education and individual education plan (IEP) process.

2nd Get your child's independent educational evaluation (IEE). This assessment provides evidence of what services your child requires. The assessment should include the testing of academic and functional progress, educational and related services the child needs and the placement it needs. Once you have received a thorough report from the independent reviewer, create an IEP meeting to discuss the results. If possible, make sure that the independent appraiser can participate in the IEP session via the phone. This increases the chances of the specialist education staff accepting the assessment.

3rd If the school district refuses to provide the child with the recommended educational and related services, consider hearing the appropriate procedure immediately. Before obtaining an IEE, before applying for an appropriate procedure, you can use the report of the independent evaluators as evidence for the appropriate procedure.

Some parents wait months to talk to school staff. that the school district denies the child what it needs. Don't waste your child's precious time!

While the right procedure is not easy and can be controversial, special educational staff will still delay the decision if they know they are released. I have heard from some parents who have been waiting for years, while school staff have made the decision.

By using these advocacy strategies, you stop the refusal or delay tactics of some special educational staff. Do not forget that as long as you lose, you are waiting for your decision on whether the child is providing the necessary services, and would have a negative impact on the child's life. Hold the fight!

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