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The problem with the education system

My problems with the education system.

Education is an important part of any developed country. Without education, we, as human beings, can never move forward. So, it's all good and good that we have had our education system in place. But how effective is it really? Do we really teach our children, fill them with the thirst of knowledge, or just tell them what to think, what to do and just teach them how to pass the exams?

It's been a long time, the education system has taken me a routine. Since I am a teacher myself, I have first experienced the weakness and instability of our weaknesses. I see a low level of teacher employment, the majority of whom see easy, safe work, good pay and good holidays, with the least passion to teach the future of society. Teachers are now more interested in trade unions and prevent schools from striking, which requires more salaries, at a time when money paid by the whole country and most of the government's money is strapped. And just this problem prevents us from getting rid of it; trade unions are in one organization. The reform can not take place without the trade unions coming back and causing huge disturbance to education and no one is willing to take the risk. It is a huge factor in the child's education and the quality of teachers. If they have great teachers who are respected, they are more likely to be better off. The passion and the third the knowledge is likely to rub on the student. Do not you realize that you only remember the greatest teachers when you think about your school years? Imagine that they were all great.

However, teachers are only a part of the problem. The biggest problem in my eyes is the system in general. They teach what we teach. I saw a great analogy about the education system – which is sure to have seen many of you online. The teacher is sitting at a table and a tree in the background. Unlike many different animals, from tigers to goldfish. The teacher tells these "students" that, in order for this to be a fair trial, every animal has to climb the tree. Obviously, this will be very easy for some and impossible for others. Unfortunately, this is our educational system, and it was born in the traditional way. Nothing radical has come to fruition, and now we live in a age where the population is much larger and it is mandatory for every child to be educated. We also live in a very technical age – we have to exploit. Knowledge is immediately available and we are becoming more and more enlightened today. That's exactly why we can not teach like we do.

As I see it, and as I felt at school, it was that instead of being directed to acquire knowledge and enlightening our consciousness, we were taught to think in a certain way and taught it just how to get through an exam that looks good on school records. We did not teach a lot of real knowledge. This, coupled with the traditional ways of teaching, is totally unhealthy in a modern, technological society. We have to find new ways to thrill and educate our children. In the school I work in, we have chosen a great way to teach the math of 3-year-old children to take them out to be active in the playground. So we keep them busy because they are outdoors, fresh air is active (where is another 7 years old?), In the monotonous environment of the learner. He recently got a full playground full of mathematical floor and wall signs, which means kids are learning fun. And that's the education. It must be entertaining. And the results we see are for themselves. They perform well as in previous years, which did not have such a playground. Now we have to bring such ideas into every aspect of teaching.

Finally, what creative schools can be, how they can retain creativity within the students, keep them involved and learn in learning. Kids can easily teach everything they learn at school and so much more than just online dating. But most do not, so schools should now be a catalyst for this. The education system must be attractive, exciting and entertaining while accommodating all types of students. A lot of emphasis should be put on teaching the knowledge, not just how to pass the exam. Emphasis should be placed on raising children's curiosity to learn in their own free time and willingly learn.

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