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The main theme of education

Today's great public education question is money. How much do we spend on education? Need to spend more? What to spend? There have been studies that have shown that the US dollars spent on public education did not have a positive impact on students' performance. So what's the problem? The problem is that we continue to spend money on bad philosophy programs. The latest initiative was President Bush. Theoretically it sounds great. Obviously, we do not want to leave children behind us. From a political point of view, this is a great slogan and has done much to elect President Bush. This is in itself one of the most important issues. (problems) Education is one of the most important issues in every political campaign. Politicians set up programs every four years that promise to solve the problems of public education. While they are well-intentioned, they are planning to get to an elected politician rather than actually in public education.

For example, the "NO CHILD BAL BEHIND" initiative sounded really good. He did not only care for all the students, but also the school accountability that was not successful. Citizens are now responsible for failure in school schools in American schools. Accounting seemed great to the American people. The problem is what to do if you find out that you still do not succeed. You can not close any school that was not successful by the School left without guidelines. While the program demands more students' expectations, students will not offer alternatives if they are not successful. It also places other school systems into a compromising and overcrowded state by closing schools that fail to perform a standardized test.

So what can I solve? I think we need to find alternatives for each student. I do not think we can continue to use the cookie cutter approach in public education. We can not continue experimenting in teaching the same way in the hope that we will get the same results. There are great examples in Europe, China and Japan. We compare the most expensive among the brightest ones, and they are short in mathematics and science. Focus on individual students who can show math and science and continue their efforts while providing other meaningful teachers and professions to others.

More importantly, we must start our disciples on how to think and solve the problems. The key lies in teaching students to think, not just to mention facts. Students who love love for lifelong learning and know how to solve the problems go a long way longer.

When it comes to healthcare, politicians have a plan run by doctors, hospitals and hospital administrations. These are the real professionals who can distinguish in healthcare. The issue of education should be left to the real professionals, teachers and the public administration, not the politicians. The funds spent on public education would be worthy of education.

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