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The influence of education and the social background on personal confidence

Nothing happens by mistake. Your current knowledge, attitudes, and actions are entirely affected by your educational and social background, which includes what they have learned from their parents, families, schools, colleges and work; the people you met and the events you were attending. All of these aspects would have influenced you and shaped your current understanding and character. For example, if it is used to seeing people steal survival, you can only accept such activity as the only acceptable way of doing because everyone else does it. In such a situation, theft can not be regarded as deviant but routine.

This conviction does not change unless they have been demonstrated in any other way or have survived other means. But old habits die hard and many will be convinced before finally changing their behavior. This is the main reason why some people never return from a traumatic or unhappy childhood, especially when others reinforce their negative experiences in later life. People who can be easily changed have doubts or are actively seeking a new perspective and approach. They only need a catalyst to move them in the positive direction.

The lack of trust, faith, and trust in others and their abilities causes people to unnecessarily control their existence and interaction. They believe that it is the center of the universe around which all other stars have to swing. They actually perceive that if they let go or move away, everything breaks down and others can not cope. But if you get sick, go out on the picture, or simply die, there's a guarantee first of all. After the initial shock of the loss, people around them continue in the usual way, perhaps even better. Only think of children who lose their parents to see how quickly they adapt to the new circumstances and continue their lives. The trauma is felt, but the circumstances dictate that we can never stand and starve. We always have to move away from the ruthless flow of life in time, much wiser than experience. Fear dictates action

Despite the low appreciation, we are all able to change if we really want to. But that will not be a great effort because the change is most frightening. We really think we're losing the old ones like our favorite clothes that have become accustomed to or lost old things that make us comfortable. But the fear of losing our old self is groundless. Only thoughts and actions change, not people, and we all have the power to think and what we are doing. We change, yes, but not in a dramatic way, only in tiny, noticeable shifts that make a whole new experience at a certain time – more like moves than in a movie that will be animated when they get together.

Slowly more confident and secular, but our personality does not change. The only thing that will change is our knowledge of the environment, our ability to manage life's challenges, knowledge of available decisions, recognition of our situation, and routine measures. Our fears dictate our actions, and if we are afraid we are reluctant to act. Under these circumstances, we will still be changing, but forcing the process to become more superficial, stressful and more problematic.

I gave a lively example of background and education that gave confidence. In my childhood there were two major and major traumas. Without any kind of advice, I felt I could not let go of the memories that had dominated for nearly 30 years in my life. He was inexplicably inclined to frequent depression, often with the desire to eliminate everything and self-esteem very low. There were tons of tears, they were constantly anesthetized and devalued, and even blocked a large part of my childhood to avoid the pain of recall. A totally alien cathodic replacement who has suffered very bad things during his life has helped me to rise above my pain to take away my terrible memories behind me and to preserve my life with great confidence, strength and self-esteem.

Years after metamorphosis, I feel completely insecure as a confidence guru. Now I admire the new, positive and dynamic woman who is a much stronger version of the old awesome and negative. In fact, it is often difficult to believe that the former person existed and the change for me was so dramatic.

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