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The importance of road safety

Public health issues require serious considerations to address problems effectively. Health problems include the number of entities, but unfortunately things are not a serious framework for our country "in Pakistan". Health and education are two important and focussed parameters that should be based on advance on any developing country, as it is linked to the rapid change in the country's economy. As a result of the increase in vehicle ownership, the graphic trend of road traffic accidents in Pakistan is causing a sudden disturbance, which includes minor, serious and fatal road accidents involving all road users. The problem is again linked to the health problem, road transport is not a problem that needs to be addressed by implementing measures, this is a common health problem that affects public opinion. According to a statistical analysis of the Organization for Social Research and Development (NDC), the high severity rate of the Pakistani capital, Karachi, is based on a culture of effective road safety education and full Sindh promotion. Areas include Korangi Road, Korangi Industrial Area, National Motorway, MA Jinnah Road and Shahrah-e-Faisal.

There is a tremendous need for users to have effective road safety education. Education is the least important parameter between the three e-traffic, but it can play an important role from the initial stages. In this context, planning and management should be mandatory for stakeholders. Road users are unaware of the civic sense of traffic rules and regulations, and unfortunately these vehicles are registered with direct permits. This is in line with the carelessness of road users and ultimately leads to road accidents. It's not a bad game to target users, but to orient the existing system. The system should be designed in such a way that without the basic safety knowledge of the road, a person can not resist their own passenger car. Road safety education and the introduction of important themes are the primary; secondary and higher level to clarify the awareness raising issue. The opening of road safety seminars, forums and conferences is not only important for the stakeholders but also for the common people as an important step forward for further development. It should be part of the documented legislation that road users were able to participate in such seminars in the past when the permit was issued.

Government departments, private sector, universities, schools, colleges, engineers and practitioners must work together and work on curricula and curricula on road safety education at various levels. For all successful results, the funds must be as robust as the first step in the roadmap is to include road safety. After completing this step, further steps, including awareness programs, Engineering and Implementation Issues are solved. Similarly, trainers, such as drivers, riders, pedestrians, and trainers in each class, should be formulated efficiently and efficiently. Each class has its own responsibility and right and is connected to the problem of a technical traffic accident.

Road safety is a problem that can not be resolved overnight and can not be removed but can be minimized in a number of ways as described above. Apart from this, each person is responsible for creating a civic sense, which is the most important issue. Everyone is interested in their own stock in circulation. The transport environment depends on road users being basically what road users are and their abilities can only be improved by proper road safety education


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