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The importance of early childcare and education

Jean Piaget's development psychologist suggests that the logic of children is completely different from the logic of adults. He believed that children are moving between four stages of development and juvenile development. The four phases of the theory are the sensomotor phase, the perioperative phase, the specific operating phase, and the formal operating phase. The areas related to these phases are children's physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional influences that affect the child's thinking and discussion.

Early childhood care and education was introduced to help parents better understand their child's development skills; we mean coherently their motor and cognitive ability. The purpose of the program is to explore the learning and development opportunities of the child and the strong foundation of the skills it possesses.

This program is vital because it allows the child to build and develop new relationships with their peers and family members, not silent and timid. Secondly, extending the child to various stimulants encourages them to put further questions in order to better understand how the world works.

It is also important for a child to be able to distinguish between correct and bad rules, as there are growing events today due to child abuse and neglect of adults. In most cases, the child can not speak because of the fear of their parents and lack of education. It helps to reduce and reduce the incidence of child abuse in the country because the child will have moral and ethical values.

This educational level has been emphasized by education authorities in many countries of the world. Parents should take responsibility for early childhood education so the transition to primary school will be much easier for the child. The child will be able to cope better at school and will be able to do his best. This, in turn, improves the socio-economic development of the country.

Early childhood education and care in a nutshell is necessary in all aspects of child development. In addition to pre-school pedagogues, parents need to be involved in the child's development in order to create the child's leading environment and improve understanding between the parent and the child.

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