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The importance of Christian education in today's world

Christianity has been the United States' greatest asset ever since the first settlers walked on the Plymouth cliff. Ever since the United States supported the Christian values ​​that are binding on schools and even witch hunting. At present, the church departs from the state to ensure the normal functioning of other religions, while it is no longer obligatory but optional for learning. In the next essay, talk about Christian education as it is always possible for US citizens to choose and to explain the importance of Christian education and its role in society.

Christianity has always played a prominent role in human education in Europe and in the USA. The first schools in both Europe were Catholics who taught high moral standards and obeyed God's rules. After the Protestant Reformation, the role of Catholicism dropped drastically. When the first colonists arrived in the US, the religion taught in schools was Protestantism. Christianity taught people in school while putting some limits on human development. Contrary to the Catholic and Orthodox churches who believed very much in the reign of God and in his written examination, they rejected anti-religious (genetic, nuclear, etc.) sciences; Protestant churches held good deeds and beneficial behavior. Protestant churches believed that God created any science; so it was a human obligation to study as much as possible, and God's statement and God expressed in all human achievements.

Christianity, when taught in schools, leaves a great stigma on the students. According to statistics, students who study Christianity and Christian values ​​at school are much less likely to engage in illegal activities such as minors drinking, sexual abuse, and arms control. In the United States, only 12% of students in the school of illegal activities in the United States are studying Christianity or participating in Christian schools.

On a more personal level, I believe that Christian education is of great significance to the whole country. Teenage students are merely a future character and of course they need different people to take an example. It is no wonder that offenses in poor schools and so-called bad neighborhoods are much higher – children in violent environments are, in my view, violent. It is common for boys who have grown up in families where fathers have beaten their wives are more likely to try to defeat future spouses than their father. All these examples really show us the importance of education in the early years of human life and understand that education must be of great value to society. Christianity, on the other hand, has guns, sex before marriage, and drinking. In the case of exposure to Christian morality, students are more likely to develop a personal attitude that would allow them to resist equality, undertake profound studies, and craving excellence. This shows the important role of home security provided by Christian education for society, which expresses Christianity in schools.

At the same time, Christianity only provides optional freedom to students of other religions or even atheists who do not want to influence religious thought. Because of freedom or choice, Christian teachers are competing for students and therefore should not be abused by Christian morals as in the world where Christianity prevails (eg, in Serbia and in Horatia, Christianity encouraged people to eliminate Muslims from Christian geographically.)

To sum up, I would like to say that the Christian pedagogical opportunity is truly a wonderful complementary material for American students. Statistics showing the reduction of violence, loose behavior or participation in illegal activities reinforce the practical significance of Christian education while separating the church and the state ensures that no religious leader can control the political life of the United States. The role of criminal education is that Christian education represents the true need for such education in society.

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