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The goals and types of brothers and sisters

There are two types of fraternity. Firstly, there are honorable fraternal churches that allow both men and women to be members, as they are based on scientific excellence. Many dormitories have many esteem brothers based on their main or academic backgrounds. So mathematical fraternity is acceptable or something similar, though they both have Greek sister names. Then there are social friars and sovereignty.

Social fraternal communities and congregations are based on individuals who run a particular house or houses and receive bids. The couple decides who is willing to offer an invitation to join the series or fraternity in each semester of rushing men and women. For those you have chosen, it is a great honor. Many times to show that a brother or a brotherhood has been received, siblings or siblings present the sister's or brother's clothing in the dormitory room of the pawnshop, indicating the acceptance of one of the siblings or brothers. No one is wearing a fraternal dress if he is not part of the fraternity. As a result, a new bachelor's or baptismal greek lettering is a very special moment. But what is social fraternity? its goal?

Many of the social bodies and groupings are considered service-oriented. However, it is much more social-based than a good service for the community. Most of the brothers and sisters are involved in a variety of service activities during the year, although there are significantly more parties than community activities. Nonetheless, series and fraternal communities make their community good, and often associate with fundraisers.

There are strict rules for series and fraternal communities, despite all parties and entertainment. Brothers should keep a certain GPA that is different in every house and still forms part of the house. If a member falls below a certain GPA, they get a probation period and they must have their grade to be part of the house. If that does not happen then the individual will be kicked out of the house. There are some other rules, some of which govern Greek dress, which both groups and sisters wear.

The rush of stuttering or fraternity is not a good idea for everyone, but for those who enjoy this type of lifestyle, they certainly love it.

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