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The best way to effectively classify students and my 2 cent on health

To begin, I strongly believe that for a teacher to raise a student, a teacher must first evaluate himself. Grades can only be regarded as fair if a teacher has sufficient intangible right for individual students to achieve higher levels of learning. Qualification should aim rather than subjective. The subjective view only leads to irrational thoughts that reflect the qualification system. Grades are direct factors that prove that a teacher effectively teaches his students. If there is a student in my class who has somehow failed, then I am the teacher to go back and reflect what I could do better to get a higher degree. I am a teacher in the classroom and based on it, and I think this is the highest grade that someone can give and receive. What do I mean by respect? Respect for respect. If there are some students who are struggling in my class, but evaluations and evaluations are carried out, then the pupils will have the doubt with the power inherent in me. Respect is greater than a multiple choice test. I would like to see mentally, physically and emotionally as a student trying and not based on his tests or traditional evaluations. When you have an exam or a quiz, they will be valid and reliable, so the grades will certainly reflect the true result.

Learning is the ultimate goal of taking my class and not getting one. If it is up to me, I do not share the classification, but unfortunately the students are not motivated without classes. Therefore, the grades must be given to the students themselves. I am convinced that individuals deserve real feedback and not the students and parents deserve to know more about their child's progress than an "A" or a percent.

With regard to my own growth and my experience, it is of the utmost importance that, in order to qualify, evaluation and evaluation should be considered authentic, not traditional. All tasks and activities are linked to the standards and objectives that students can translate when evaluating them. Standards provide a suggestion for development, education and evaluation that echoes learning modes. Each standard reflects the life situations and opportunities that are essential for student growth. I work as a teacher to set up classes that best define and reflect standards.

Effective classroom exercises start from my teaching philosophy, which respects student differences and individual growth. I must give the curriculum landscape so that students can succeed and plan strong learning experiences to guide them through the next learning phase of their lives. It is my true philosophy of classification that classification should work together to evaluate and evaluate physical education. A classroom can not be isolated and isolated but is a useful tool for communicating goals, tasks, students, and evaluating their work.

Some of the standards of physical education are addressed in the health classroom. It is a question of how physical education gets the short end of a bot, while recognizing mathematical scores and English scores better. What's more important than health? Health is the long life of someone's life. If you knew what to do to have a longer life, would not you listen? Guess what the physical teachers are. Explain the positive and negative effects of drugs, smoking, interpersonal communication and physical activity. Where is a student studying? Drivers Ed. Performs Drivers Ed, Physical Educators. If you've read my philosophy until this section appears, I'll tell you the secret why physical teachers teach these concepts. The secret is because all this is bound to the standards we have taught. It's even better if we want to teach.

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