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The age of technology and research

Important people of technological advances, brave journeys and the age of discovery have made a striking step toward modern times. Up-to-date technologies, such as compasses, have helped seafarers travel their way to reach their destination. The brave journey of many people was unbelievable, like Gil Eanes's short but significant journey into the Dark Sea of ​​the Darkness. In the Age of Research, many important people have decided that they are beyond their ability, such as Magellan Ferdinand, who is circling the Earth.

A number of significant technological developments have taken place during the major era of research. First, the caravan's smooth hull, its late sail and its two governments were developed by Prince Henry's designers for the excursions the sailors had to do. The compass, which is a key part of any journey that was used to look at the direction, was promoted in this era. Prince Henry's sailing plan needed an astrology to determine the width to prepare for their journey. The improved maps were part of the technological developments in the era of research and were used to find their destination.

In addition, amazing travels of many important figures were very amazing. Gil Eanes's journey along the Green Sea of ​​Darkness was short, but he was the first successful cruise ship captain. Columbus's well-known journey was an exciting journey that led to the Indians and discovered America, which he did not know about America. The trips of Vasco De Gama were significant because he was the one who started a hard and lengthy trip. Magellan's circular navigation is one of the most respected journeys of all time, as there was no chance of success and some of its crew did it.

Finally, the notable figures this year decided to exceed their skills. Prince Henry, the Navigator, was a man who intended some people and some technology to be an important part of history. Gil Eanes, the Portuguese brave sailor, is a respectable man because he was the man who interrupted the fear of the Dark Sea of ​​Darkness. The two men, Columbus and Vasco De Gama, are both gigantic people who have made hard and long journeys that have greatly influenced history. Finally, this remarkably great man of this generation would be Magellan with his unrealistic circular navigation, which in his time overpowered several abilities.

In summary, there have been many significant achievements at this time. Old techniques have been altered by the substantial data that has made successful trips during their lifetime. Respectable people at all times represented this period of time on the roads and developments. The time of exploration was a tremendous achievement for the respectable people.

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