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Texas University – Shocking Study

What about Texas, which does it for the first time in many things? Even the respectable Chicago Tribune talks about a study published in the August issue of the Sexual Behavior archive, co-authored by Davis Buss, Cindy Meston, a professor of psychology at Texas University in Austin.

Why does Meston ask if people are having sex? Of course, the answers to the answers are joy and reproduction, not necessarily in that order. Or this is what you have been thinking so far. Meston found that people also had sex to get rid of the head (and thought that women had the head to avoid sex), to celebrate a special occasion (and what was a special occasion for the wedding), or to promote sexual harassment was named and was illegal).

Meston also found that people "feel closer to God". This was the last one for me, of course the good professor asked Mrs. Billy Graham.

Meston and Buss asked more than 400 listeners to list "all the reasons why you might think why someone or someone you know [have] has been involved in sexual intercourse in the past." After deleting duplicates, the answers were set to 237.

Then 1,500 other students were asked to rate all 237 reasons on a scale from 1 to "never" 5 "all the time." The data collected do not support the "stereotype" of men being physically motivated and women love sex. Another stereotype that has been slightly reduced by the study's findings that women use sex rather than women to get special support. In the Meston-Buss study, men are better able to use sex. Forgive me when I blush with the names of people I forgot to coat.

According to the University of New York Medical Stereoterapist and Psychologist, these findings do not answer the question of "why are people in sex," and adds the titillating phrase: "Texas students say they are having sex." Now no moms or dads are nervous; the son or daughter of UTA may be between 27 percent of women and 32 percent of men who have not sex at all. Yet.

Those UTA students who actually had sex were among the most unusual reasons for the "Reception", "It seemed good practice" and "I did not know how to say it." And there are some who "take revenge sex. "Whatever happened," Yes, I'm sex, but I do not want to tell you because I'm a gentleman. "

Professor Meston said when he explained that people who were not particularly interested in sexual or not very often If they find out they are not so unusual – that not everyone is having sex because they feel good – they may find another reason that makes them less embarrassing, such as: Yeah, I'm going to sleep better with sex. "

This can count on nationwide students who nod under class.


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