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Teachers play a major role in educating children

The school is a place where the child learns and acquires maximum knowledge and growth during the learning process. It is also a place to tap your hidden opportunities. This learning process starts for a child when the parents send the children to the playground and continue to the college where they graduate or graduate. (except for holidays) at school, it is obvious that teachers play a major role in educating children

Because a child can be easily molded from clay as in the hands of a potter, it is important to understand that teachers can correct their behavior at any time and at any time. character.

As children are very loving, innocent, adaptive and learned, it becomes mandatory for teachers to have both a professional and a very strong moral background, as they can gradually influence and shape the personality of each child with gentle persuasion.

As most children attach great respect to their teachers, this advantage should be used appropriately in the correction, counseling and education of children under the guidance of different children

In addition, the second parent for each second student of a teacher. Whether the child is too young or the teenagers, the teacher must be effective in his or her approach to be impartial, loving and at the same time lead by example in all his aspirations.

Because the teacher plays a vital role in the student's life, it is right to say that people who can create generations entirely. In short, they are somehow the builder of our nation, because they are exposed to a mass of students who are future citizens of the country. So it is very important and essential for teachers to guide and influence students at every stage of their lives, whether they are in a classroom or even outside the classroom

. a great personality, whether it be architects, engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen or professions of interest. They need to shape them to contribute to society while respecting the citizens of our nation.

The main task of the teacher is to make his class very interesting by asking almost all participants or discussing questions. . The greater the participation, the more the child learns. This makes learning easier and more interesting.

Moreover, even outside the classroom, it has to influence and correct the children by creating their character in every aspect of life

. students can be successful in their lives if the parent also provides equal support at home.

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