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Singapore's Most Important Universities – NUS and NTU

Singapore's highest-ranking universities are NUS and NTU.

The Singapore National University (NUS) ranked 33rd in the Times Higher Education Supplement Universe ranking in 2007.

according to the Financial Times (FT) 2006 EMBA ranking in the Top 85 EMBA programs at NUS Business School Growing Ranking in Executive MBA Programs is the World's Best 29.

NUS Business School succeeded well in two subgroups – Top 5 has been included in the "International Participants" and "Highest Payments in IT / Telecom" categories.

THES 2006 World Ranked NUS Technology Sciences in the 8th Highest 100 Technology in the World's Largest 100

According to the ranking of the Global University's Newsweek ranking, NUS ranked at the top 100 universities

Nanyang Technology University [19659002]] Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) is the world's top 20 technology universities

According to the Times Higher Education Supplement Universe 2007 ranking, NTU is ranked 69th in the world.

There are 2 universities in Singapore at NTU in a North Campus and Yunnan Garden campus. NTU, located in one of the North Colleges, is located next to Biopolis, Singapore's Biomedical Research Center. NTU has gained a reputation abroad, contacts with world-renowned universities such as Washington University, Stanford University, MIT, Cambridge, mention some.

Accounting, Business, Communications, Engineering, Arts

For the University's globally recognized scientific and engineering excellence. The College of Engineering is one of the world's largest engineering colleges, where six engineering schools offer various programs and specializations that meet the needs of many students.

The National Education Institute (NIE) is home to the only teacher training institute in Singapore.

The College of Arts, Arts and Social Sciences is the first professional school of fine arts in Singapore offering arts, design and media courses.

Nanyang Business School (NBS) offers one of the world's first 100 MBA programs. According to the Financial Times survey (published in January 2007), its MBA program is in Singapore with number 1 and Asian number 2.

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