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Scientific books and documents of the Aligarh Muslim University in URDU

Science now shares the space with the Urdu speakers. With the help of the former dean and counselor of the Ministry of Health and Family, how was presented, discussed here.

The Aligarh Muslim University launched the education sector after declaring the science of translation.

Prof. Anis Ahmad Ansari, former counselor of Unani Medicine and former dean of the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs, has informed the news that all science-related documents and books will be obtained quickly and will be achieved in a large scale. This is due to the fact that too many Urdu people at one time can access the scientific sector without hiccups.

At the first national workshop, Ansari's profile was chosen as the main guest and invited to attend the congregation of the Upright Books of Scientific Books. This program was held by Vigyan Prasar, which the Indian Government undertook under the Department of Science and Technology. The whole agenda has been designed jointly with Aligarh University of Science Development Center.

According to Professor, Urdu-speaking people do not have the opportunity to get science-related books on the market, but there are many such Indian languages. Thus, for the sake of Muslim brothers, the former dean was in such a plan and allowed the caliber.

Its long-term research has allowed it to monitor the fact that in every river the mother tongue has to appear as a medium of education. For the sake of the children, translators have shifted their translation to a very simple and easy-to-read language.

In the workshop, Prof Ansari praised and congratulated all the participants who played an active role in the translation program. In addition, he distributed his credentials to the contributors and the participants.

According to the director of the Science Growth Center, Prof Ansari's goal is to spread science education even at elementary levels, and this advantage was specifically given to the Muslim Managed Education Institutions and Deeni Madaris. The center began in 1985 with the training of the Madrasas scientists. It has blessed all those Muslims who are in the focus. In accordance with his words, an important aspect of education in science is the interest of everyone and that Muslim brothers and educated disciples can preserve an important stream in the national mainstream.

Many others thank many people for the translation of science and have earned a lot of money.

The project coordinator of EDUSAT presented the whole report in the Workshop and assessed each participant that they were implemented on their project. It is reported that six books are translated equivalent to thirty popular articles in English or Hindi for the targeted language. Each member was shocked by their excellent work.

Prof. Prior to the closing of the Prof. Ansari's final report, the former Director of the Center highlighted the objectives and aspirations of the Scientific Promotion Center and the responsibility of extending the science flow into the Urdu version.

Meanwhile, the former Deputy Chancellor of the Maulana Azad University emphasized the various works carried out by Muslim scholars during the Middle Ages, and decided on the founding of modern science.

Some of the great scientists argue that science has been emphasized in all respects, and the enormous requirement of it feels felt. They wanted Muslim children to be aware of what is happening in this universe and reality, and manually handled the stream for everyone.

People with different backgrounds have been invited to this festive celebration, and with the greatest support of joy the sun was made for the Urdu performers. Their mission is to get to know all their Muslim natives, and scientific translation is celebrated with toast. With previously established fundamentals, now the Uruguayan performers can receive the rays of science and lead a life that depends on facts and reality.

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