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SAT is like writing an Intel

If you are an international college student, you probably do not know the SAT exam format.

SAT is normally required by most applicants in most schools. Internationals are obliged to write SAT and Americans. The colleges, however, understand that international students do not know SAT (except international students studying in foreign schools) and can not do the same for their US partners. This is especially true for applicants whose mother tongue is not English.

Do colleges offer some leniency to international students at SAT? The answer depends on which dormitory is in question. Some dormitories may have a policy that when an international bidder scores more than 2000 or more, the SATs are out of the way. Many others have no clear policies. In very selective institutions, the difference between Americans and internationals is very small.

In my opinion, even at an international level, you have to strive to do the same as you do on SAT. They promise a lot of books that serve the SAT in the market; just browse the shelves of well-stored bookshelves. The College itself has produced a number of excellent preparatory materials that should be used as a preparatory material. If you can afford it, you can join one of the many preparatory courses available.

Why is it important? First, international students with international critical reading outcomes have significant advantages (hooks) against international candidates. Since there will be many internationals who will probably not score in the high 700s at the critical reading stage, scoring means that they have the advantage of the others. This shows that you are willing to learn something completely new to yourself.

In addition, some universities, such as the Northwest and Virginia, will resign from the TOEFL requirements if their critical reading score exceeds a certain threshold than the recognition of English. Therefore SAT works well for you only.

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