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Ross, California boasts of truly astronomical educational institutions

The city of Ross, California is only 1.6 square miles away, with a population of less than 2500. Yet, Ross is one of the richest cities in the United States. This volume is about the expectations of residents of Ross and surrounding areas when it comes to education. In the small town there are only two educational establishments, one public and one private.

The Ross School

The Ross School serving K-8 is Ross's public education institution. The school received planning for the California Distinctive School for three academic years, 1989, 1993, and most recently in 2008. The most important factor is that the school in the state of California has a total of 873 elementary public schools. The Ross School has a remarkable student ratio of 13 to 5 with fewer than 400 students.

The Ross School mission is to "build a solid educational foundation for all students while inspiring, steering and challenging them to understand and understand the world with compassion, integrity and courage." Teachers, administrators and board of directors are committed to excellence and respect for education as a student, home, school, community.

The school is currently improving and updating its facilities through intensive construction projects, with significant changes in existing spaces, including refurbishment and demolition, and new construction. The Ross School is located at 9 Lagunitas Road in Ross, CA Marin County, and has a telephone number of 415-457-2705.

The Branson School

The Branson School, a private school set up in 1920, dates back to 1916. Perhaps Branson's most famous alumna is Julia Child, the celebrated author and the French cook. "Branson is committed to encouraging students to participate in the goal, passion and performance of their lives," said school leader Woody Price.

Branson is an associate, independent college preparatory day school with 320 students who are from 9-12. Registered in the course. There are 50 teachers in Branson's disease and half are advanced. The student-teacher ratio is 8 and 1, the average grade is 16 students.

The 17-acre campus of Branson has 31 classrooms, a science center, a writing center, a computer lab, a theater, a family center, an art gallery and a library of 12,000 volumes. The athletic center, the learning center, and the music, art and dance studios meet the physical plant. In addition, Branson connects to a campus through a fully integrated fiber optic and wireless network. Sports facilities include access to the fields and the gym at nearby Kentfield College.

Branson's address is PO Box 887, 39 Fernhill Avenue, Ross, CA. Phone number 415-454-3612.

High-tech education, which includes both public and private institutions, Ross, California's highly regarded Ross School and Branson School are both winners.

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