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Reasons some colleges will not allow College Freshman to have Campus cars

Most universities do not allow students to drive their cars on campus until the second year. The main reason for this is space. For example, if every student in Penn State (50,000+) has a car at a university, then it should not be moved. There are some good reasons beyond the scope of why the cars are not allowed on campus.

In the rise of minor drinks, it is awesome for anyone to influence the way, especially in an overcrowded dormitory. The college students are now in an environment where the only person who can say "no" to them is themselves. Feeling that you have to fit the "no" has never exclaimed from a newborn's mouth, and this makes it difficult to make the right choices. Experimenting or what I like to "learn the limits" is a terrible reason and effect.

Most students are over-indulgent in tolerance. The only way to do it is to wait for the "sober" lineup and to deal with painful hangovers the next day. Some are not so lucky. There have been a number of alcohol-related, fatal or accidental incidents due to this kind of drinking. Before we all went through. We drink a little too much, catch the spin, then we go down, we roll around our own vomiting, saying we will never drink more. However, what usually happens after we recover? We drink more, but we've learned the limit. "I'll never drink that much again!"

This is what happens to many buds. Except for the school, you need other tasks, including part time jobs and practice if you are a student athlete. This is one of the key factors why they can not take the pioneering people to the university. Can you imagine one of them behind the wheel? It's several thousand times safer to use it with their own toe to get around, not about 3000 pounds of steel. Universities recognize this and make it a rigorous policy.

After the parents' consciousness has been scared, let's make a gap. Not all fucking crazy and whimsical drinks, but the influence is there, and most students are smart enough to call, and only a few are going beyond their limits. Universities believe that if a novice does not have cars, they can not leave, forcing them to interact with other students and walk around the campus and feel the dormitory environment where buildings, etc. in pedestrian shopping malls that meet the needs of students, from food to entertainment. General for universities to provide bus or shuttle services at free or low cost throughout the dormitory city.

The only reason students need a car for the university is to provide special needs. If you belong to this category, go to the campus police / car park and inform them of your situation. Some people commit themselves without doing anything, but most of them provide evidence and pay, which adds to stress that a novice can listen to.

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