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"The work or process of education or literacy, knowledge or skill acquired or developed by the learning process!"

The questions of promoting my educational aspirations were made at various colleges in the direct environmental area. Many schools have contacted the required placement tests, which I did not dispute because I am competent and able to deal with college exams. The thing that came to me was that some college recruits overwhelmingly perceived the rules of education as opposed to another dormitory. One of the schools I attended was a two-year school school, and the other one. Real estates are in the same postal code and are studying in the same room. Both local students and state and students were taught from other countries and nations

One of the schools due to accreditation was one higher than the other one. The lower school was not accredited by central states. The school is described below by the standard. The so-called higher education is directed and directed by a non-HBCU member, while the other is led by an African American staff. The self-taught school of higher education designed plans and plans and offered to take the African-American school. However, the self-employed higher education institution recognizes that it does not accept or accept the name of the so-called lower school. I attended both institutions and got very good training from my teachers. While the lessons were an invaluable source, the education gained from personal academic research (self-education) strengthened my knowledge base. Money was not in my personal research, study, and / or practice. I would add that the knowledge and information from the HBCU School are as cheerful as the other if not better

Personally, I would say that at HBCU (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) in contrast to the other dormitory institution. Both of them needed money.

When students visit college universities, they are encouraged to learn at a particular school. Guides showcase all the convenience and recognition that they are offered to enroll … and get tuition fees. But what about the quality of education offered by each school? Most of the colleges often accuse their accreditation of another elective school. What is accreditation regarding good and valuable quality education? Money! And the ability to make money! Education does not and does not require money!

In 1899, Dr. Matthew Anderson, outstanding community leader and wife Caroline Still Anderson founded the Berean Hand and Industry School. Dr. Anderson played a key role in Philadelphia's religious, business and educational history. Dr. Anderson also founded the Presbyterian Church in Berea and the Berean Savings Fund Company.

Caroline Still is a member of the great William Still, the Philadelphia Abolitionist and the Underground Railroad. William Still (self-care man), one of his seventeen children, was born in 1821 in Burlington County. His father escaped from slavery from Maryland to New Jersey, and later his wife and children followed. William Still left New Jersey in Philadelphia in 1844. Three years later he was appointed secretary to the Pennsylvania Settlement Society.

"When William William's brother was 23, he left the New Jersey family farm in Philadelphia to find his fortune. He arrived, unfriendly with only five dollars, Mr. Still taught himself to read and write, in fact, that he had acquired and acquired the position of the secretary in the Pennsylvania Abolition Society for three years. Still, the whole White Society was of the opinion of helping the fugitive slaves, and ultimately he was the one who was a tool for the group, that he was elected president in 1851. Ten years ago, president of the Vigilance Committee in 1852. He was still the first black man to join the society and was able to give first-hand experience of what he was a slave. "

"Mr. He still has profitable coal mining in Philadelphia. He uses the house as one of the underground railways They picked up. Brother still asked the fledged refugees and kept a careful record of each and every one of them so that his family and friends could find them. According to his notes, he still helped 649 slaves to take liberty. The number is linked to the number of slave slaves saved by Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. "William Still, a self-educated man, began his campaign to eradicate racial discrimination on the Philadelphia Street car. He wrote a report on this campaign in Struggle on Citizen Rights of the Philadelphia Color People in Urban Rail Vehicles (1867), followed by The Underground Railroad 1872) and Voting and Working (1874). "

" William Still, a self-educated man, has created an orphanage for African-American soldiers and seafarers, and other charitable work included the establishment of the Mission Sabbath School and the Christian League of Young Boys. Still died on July 14, 1902 in Philadelphia. "

A concise story of the Berean Institute:" In 1904, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Berean Institute was eligible for Pennsylvania State Aid and received $ 10,000. Over the years, State aid enabled the school to expand its service and the diversity of its curricula. The basics of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth now account for a significant part of the total operating budget. The Berean Institute is a dr. William H. Gray Jr. started the expansion program dynamically, which was used by many influential Parisian citizens including Milton J. Shapp. Dr. Gray was chairman of Berean's Board of Trustees. Under the direction of Dr. Gray, Berean Handbook and Industry School worked at the Berean Institute. The current building of the Berean Institute was also built in 1973. "

" Mrs. Lucille P. Blondin, who served for the school for forty-five years, has become the first president of the Berean Institute. Mrs Blondin retired in June 1993. Dr. Norman K. Spencer was appointed as Second President and Chief Executive Officer. Under Dr. Spencer's leadership, contracted programs financed by urban and community agencies and community information projects were added. Hon. John Braxton, former judge, the head of the General Court, list of members of a prominent board of trustees. "

" The Berean Institute conducted full and part-time programs. Most students live in the Commonwealth and live in Philadelphia. Other students came from Central and South America, China, India, Puerto Rico, Tonga, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, England, Cambodia, Viet Nam and the eastern coast of the United States. "

" Many students come to learn marketable skills and Berean training meets the current educational aspirations. Many people consider the school to be more advanced than training. Berean has many degrees with four-year college graduates and others graduating from some of the outstanding institutions of higher education. "

The United States Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issued the approval of the Berean Institute on 15 September 1976 by a specially trained qualified staff member, on 27 December 1976 by a qualified specialist.

Again, the process or process of transferring or acquiring general knowledge, the competence of reasoning and judgment and, in general, mental or self-preparation of mature life; the act or process of obtaining or acquiring a profession; education, level or kind: university education; the result of education, training or studies: the presentation of an individual's education; the art of science or teaching; pedagogy. "

Definition of education:" The process or process of education or education, the knowledge or skill acquired or developed by the learning process, a specific type or level education program: leadership education, university teaching and learning pedagogy, instructive or enlightening experience: Unabridged

Based on Random House Dictionary [RandomHouseInc2009

So why is another school rate accreditation for another and over the other? The money! Many colleges and universities share the "educational values ​​based on the amount of money" casinos and the amount of money that they can collect! to increase the supremacy of the education business to achieve and maintain accreditation and to get as many acquisitions as possible.

It is widely believed that education at such sites has been designed to prepare people in the labor market, as opposed to preparing for life skills. Skills needed to turn off offspring and offspring for prosperous future.

Is the survey of the top level of the dormitory institution appropriate for any other, based on the amount of money to spend or the amount of education it will take? Ivy Championships reveal many students who are not prepared for the challenges of life … but many are wealthy and spend thousands of dollars to attend and finish schools. On the other hand, many poor people who are lucky to receive subsidies, loans, scholarships, etc. To qualify, they are better prepared to face the challenges ahead (it seems).

Many poor and working poor pupils evaluate dormitory education as if they were dependent on their lives, so they tend to make the degree a bit more difficult. The document can be considered as invaluable if the graduate can not find the job he / she has been studying for. Even worse, if a graduate student finds worse than when they started university. They are now debited by school credit debt and debts that had to be met prior to joining the university. Working at McDonalds and the like seems to be the only work that many of them can access. Competition is strong. These students are largely divided into groups who do not have a college degree and many do not have a high school diploma! Many of these employers do not take into consideration or investigate the acquired knowledge. Kiosk types of pictures on a cash register that you have to work with. Is this not a disadvantage for students who study computer science, Irish and Irish computer programs and languages, and other academic scholars?

Why is it that many non-ivy-league students find themselves out of work? Why do many people find that they are losing their job first with their amber colleagues? Why is it that many in-house college graduates are less likely to be selected as team leaders than counters? Many employers announce statements that do not require university-level education. They ask that candidates simply have high school qualifications. High school graduates apply these doors and examine themselves for running, ie background checks, credit checks, criminal stories, school activities, etc. Why is it that the candidates in the dormitory not only know that the contestants have to compete with high school graduates. How does it make sense in protracted hours, years, and other sacrifices to reach the coveted two and / or four year college degree if you do not qualify for work anyway?

Accreditation, money, and remarkable nature can not be based on choosing a college dormitory. Education must be based on the ability to acquire, retain, and utilize education. Realization of education starts at home (and anyone who wants it). This begins with Childs' education and the emphasis of parenthood and / or guardianship. If the child has a qualification that allows him to qualify as above-average intellectual talent, the student deserves free university education. While others who are collegiate materials have to pay for our higher education. Remember, my reasoning is based on the ability to spend money on access to education … teachers need to look for their lives, schools have to respond to the operation and maintenance of buildings and staff. So money has to come from somewhere. However, the aforementioned differences between the different colleges should be abolished by the practice of being a better higher education institution. Is the responsibility of educated people to enlighten people who are not?

Although many people do not know, education can be accessed by so-called accredited and / or less accredited schools without attending higher education … starting with libraries at home, as well as public facilities, newspapers, magazines, shared information and articles. Why is the level of secrecy gained by others to be paid?

Educated and educated education is the responsibility of the Educational Investigator … the burden is only for students, not for educational pursuits. I do not say that the doctor, the architect or the lawyer can read the plain text … there is a difference between education and training.

Education is yours, and it can be free. Acknowledgments:

William Still Biography

Biography of the Berean Institute

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