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Public education policy: the legislative agenda

US public education faced a number of challenges, especially in the past three decades. The decline in test results, drop in maturity rates, drop in the number of secondary school graduates, post-graduate college enrollment, and the lack of lifelong learning skills are only the underlying problems and symptoms of K-12 education problems [19659002]. direct parental involvement, poor university teacher training for teachers, poorly managed and inconsistent standardized testing efforts, and lack of teacher testing, and annual monitoring of teacher progress have all contributed to the problems of public education and the lack of alarming results and the preparation for our children. However, in the background of the symptoms and the causes I have mentioned, there is a danger of real mission and goals that are all ruthless. This means that the sacred responsibility of educating our students puts at risk the most important mission of education and the achievement of goals and goals that we expect to be the basis of our future and the future of our children. This is not a charge, assumption or opinion. That's a fact. I saw and documented for the first time in my own country and encountered similar encounters and compromises between the educational elite, the administrators, and most of the two largest teachers' unions in the United States. At least it is astonishing and potentially criminal.

What I am trying to describe is the political compromise of teacher trade unions, the involvement of some administrators and the strengthening of councils in local schools, the quality of education and the quality of education. the integrity of teaching experience, solely for power and money. The use of increased power, funds and funds for their own loopholes is used by the national pedagogical unions, their state affiliated organizations and their colleagues for non-educational purposes.

When the trade union rule and the marginalization of parents occur, our children are the losers. It's no longer a priority. They are no longer the most important participants in the educational experience, as they should be and should be, if we achieve these high-level goals and have best prepared our children in the world. No matter what changes we make in public education, whether we improve standard testing, weigh the results, educate and prepare teachers, finance education, if we do not lose the policy of education and good education policy in our government has suffered from failure . Yes, trade unions have the right to exist, and yes, our teachers must treat and pay well. However, with regard to public education, we are not talking about a typical work environment. The "very face" of students or public education must be of paramount importance. Why often many private schools, school schools, and most "home schools" are often much better than their public school students with far less funding? Encouraging parental involvement in education policy, as well as the day-to-day educational experience of children and the lack of political pressure on teachers' unions are an important factor.

The direct, first-hand knowledge of the aforementioned compromises and tactics between the educational elite and the teacher's trade unions, I saw the whole political agenda spread to the legislative process at the state and national level. When legislating the state, I was dealing with these political pressures as Education Policy President, and I saw the impact of the editorial elite and trade union mastery on my colleagues and the ability to withstand the enormous pressure they had to wear and their school districts. The compromise of the future of our children through the lobbying process, the inclusion of trade union candidates and the intimidation of the bulk of the legislative process. In my opinion, it will continue until it can be recorded. Then the collapse of public education as we know happens and something needs to be done. In the meantime, our children have lost their future, and our nation will never regain its place as superpower and leader of the free world.

Yes, that's a big deal. I firmly believe that if we await the cited alarm crash, America will lose its future. It is time for common sense, the loud calling of our founding values, and the assumption that self-service education elite can not leave the education and future of our children. You have to stop. As the new Tea Party movement has awakened the silent majority from the political and political indifference of the past, a new movement must emerge from the ashes of our disastrous mathematical and scientific test points, the decline in maturity levels, and the politically correct social transformation education experience. The foundations of our traditional education system need to be restored, including academic excellence, parental involvement and support, discipline, and clear and consistent standardized testing and evaluation.

Public education needs to be clearly adapted to a global environment and the teaching methodology must adapt to the times and the current technologies. However, we need to develop a new type of teacher that can teach each student. The basis of actually applied pedagogy is the assumption that students are learning differently, having different backgrounds and actually thinking differently. However, in order to be in line with the goals and objectives mentioned above, sacred mission education, we must find ways to provide quality education to each student and reject the condition that some students may learn and some do not know. We all owe ourselves to them, and most importantly, we owe to the future generations of Americans and ensure that America continues to be the leader of the free world.

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